How Little Business Owners Can Beat Big Companies At SEO and Marketing!

First off, we have been doing social media since the stone age, 1990 and watched it evolve and change and also stay the same since them. We have used it to promote our businesses and our clients. I mean you have to eat your own dog food right?


Social social media is just another tool that when used right that can be highly beneficial and when used wrong can cause injury to your business. Just like a good knife.

Easy Anderson’s Social Media Tips.

Tip #1. “Social Media like brushing your teeth works best when done daily” Even if you just spend 10 minutes a day on the various platforms, it beats spurts of effort.

Tip #2. ” Make sure you are tracking leads and business that come in from it. Otherwise, why bother?” This can be done easily by using a separate phone number and email that get you from Google for free so that you can tell how many calls and contacts you get, to asking where they heard about you, and offering coupon codes for any offers that you may have that you offer through Social Media.

Tip #3. ” Don’t sell on social media ” Just offer free advice so that people know that you know what the heck you are talking about” Figure out how to help them and they will automatically want to buy from you over time. Actually give a shit, don’t fake it.

Tip #4. ” Keep it simple and to the point” ” If people have to think to get your message, they will do neither” . Think great headlines and use pix whenever possible.

Tip # 5. ” Don’t worry about getting tons of likes or friends” We have found that well over 50% of all social media people are fake profiles set up by marketers or not ever used. With Twitter we estimate that it is over 60% that are not real, so take your numbers with a grain of salt.

Tip #6. ” Remember you are just renting space on Social Media platforms and you always want to be driving people to your site. You can lose your account for no good reason or the platform can go belly up. Can anyone say MySpace? So hook them with Social Media and then get them to sign up for your email list and at the very least, make sure your site can help them let you know that you can help solve their problems.

Tip #7. ” Be positive and helpful, and most importantly “REAL”. Follow these rules and you will get business if your product or service is decent.

Right now they are not talked about as much as the other, but if a business is actually looking to monetize their Social Media, Google+ and Linkedin blow away everything else by far, even though most of the Big Agencies don’t have a clue as to how to use them to make money for their clients. Which I think is GREAT! 🙂 Don’t you?

The First Thanksgiving

If you have never read this, you are in for a treat. While there has been much revisionist history concerning what Thanksgiving is and was all about, here is the REAL story. A hint (The triumph of Capitalism that saved the Pilgrims and therefore the US of A and you and me too!)

Here is the real story… Enjoy.. I have posted the short version and another longer one. Would love to hear what you think.

God Bless you and yours on this most splendorous of Truly American Holidays!

Andrew “Easy” Anderson

The Real Story Behind Thanksgiving

Did you know that the first [Plymouth Colony Pilgrim’s] Thanksgiving was a celebration of the triumph of private property and individual initiative? Continue reading The First Thanksgiving

The Key For You To Make Thousands Of Dollars On The Internet – Here Are 3 Free Sources To Help!

3 Great Guides To Help You Write Smoking Hot Copy That Is Almost Like Printing Money!

Claude Hopkins for Massive Online Profits
Claude Hopkins, one of the first Profit Consultants

Update – June 5th, 2013

It is hard to believe that I actually posted this the first time back in 2009. Wow! Holy Smokes Batman. A lot of things have changed since then, but one of them has not and that is Good Copy is key to your success online. More so now than ever! Thanks Alex Jeffreys for reminding me of this. If you are going to spend any time at all on making money online, spend it practicing writing good copy. That is the Key to online success period. Everything else is a distant second. And get this, you can learn to write good copy that sells. Heck if you have been a reader of mine for any length of time you know that I am freaking dyslexic, can’t spell for crap, and have ADD to boot. So, no excuses OK? If I can do it, you can do it!  By the way, I have left this in its original form. The Start On Monday book is being re-done and will be available soon!

If you want to improve your Profits, then here are 3 books and 1 report from Google that I am making available to your for Free. You should download and read them right away. These are my gift to you at absolutely no charge. You do not have to pay anything, nor sign up for another list. And I am also going to show you one of the books that you can get for free for 14 days read it, use it to make money, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay for it. But if you do like it, you only pay for it after you have read it. How is that for an Author that thinks his material is good? This guy is one of my favorites and you will soon see why. The other 3 books and Report is yours for free forever.

The technique of giving things away is called a reverse risk factor and it is very effective as you can imagine but, most people are afraid to use it. Which is good because it makes it even more effective for those that do.

Why Am I Giving These To You?

The reason why I am giving them to you is because I know that no matter where you are in your Business, they can have a huge impact on your profitability. Plus, it makes me feel good that I can give something of really high value that most people have never heard of before that can dramatically improve their life for the better. It is a complete kick in the pants. Plus, it is good Karma.

If you are an old hat at the online game, or are just starting out, these can help you immensely. They will even help you in your Brick and Mortar business as well. You don’t have to sign up for an email list or anything as I mentioned. How is that for a change? Just click on them and save them and you can start reading them right away. They are all in PDF format except for the last one.

If you are trying to sell anything and have to write copy, Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins is a must read. It will dispel the myth about long copy that I see ignorantly bandied about these days. It shows you why it is good and how personal stories focused on your niche can really help sales. The things that he talks about in this book still work today. Most people don’t have a clue as to who he is or use his techniques. Now you don’t have to be one of them. Continue reading The Key For You To Make Thousands Of Dollars On The Internet – Here Are 3 Free Sources To Help!

HootSuite Interview #4 – Why You Really Should Be Using It…


HootSuite Helps You Conquer Social Media

HootSuites EasyAnderson.comBelow is the fourth interview I have done with Dave O over at Hootsuite. This all started when Hootsuite was just one of many Social Media tools and I decided to see if I could pick a winner and follow their success and growth. Also because I needed a great Social Media tool for myself and my clients.

Boy did I ever pick a winner with Hootsuite. They have come to dominate in the Social Media arena and branched out and made their tool even more valuable.

If you are online and in business, (OK can you not be online and in business?) then you will find that HootSuite can help you make more money period.

You can listen below as well as read the full text here or download a transcription of the interview as a pdf as well.

Easy Anderson

Hootsuite Interview < PDF

Andrew: Hi, there everybody. This is Andrew Anderson and I have Dave O. from HootSuite on the line. Dave, how are you doing?

Dave: Great, man. I think this is my fourth time on the show. Do I get some special jacket or something now?

Andrew: You do, it’s in the mail and there are several other goodies. So, you should receive them any day now.

Dave: Wonderful man, well it’s great to be back to chronicle the continued adventures of HootSuite with you.

Andrew: Yes. A couple of topics today that I’d like to go over if you don’t mind with your permission, your international growth which is like it’s going through the roof; the app directory stuff that you’ve got going on and what’s with the Hoot ups?

Dave: Yes. Continue reading HootSuite Interview #4 – Why You Really Should Be Using It…

Measuring Success – The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Measuring Success

It has been awhile since we have looked at the basics of marketing and measurements.  As Peter Drucker said, “What’s measured improves”  and so it goes.

It does not matter if you are measuring SEO/SEM, or direct sales, or how many visitors you have to your site,  the fact that you are measuring it can really help.

What we have in a lot of cases is an in-depth dashboard that allows you to see what is going on every single day in nearly every metric we have in our business.

Are you doing this?  Do you even know what is going on in your business as far as daily cash flow, visitors, customers, amount per sale, profit per visit?  How about your SEO results?  Or your advertising results?

If not, you really need to do this asap. I even if it is nothing more than an excel spreadsheet.  We will be examining some ways to build your own dashboard for your business so you can see exactly what is going on.

What is amazing is that you would not think of getting in your car and driving it if your dashboard was a complete blank and you did not know how much gas you had or how fast you were going or being able to tell what gear you were in…. But almost every business I know of does this with their business. They do not have a real time dashboard allowing them to know exactly what is going on in their business.

We are going to help you take care of that here shortly.

Here is one of the first free tools that you can start using to help you.

Dashboard Spy.  Good resource to get you going.


Andrew Anderson


How To Drasticaly Increase Your Bottom Line With Contact

Did you know that on average that it takes a bare minimum of about 7 times before she notices your ad or your presence? And then it can take on average 7 more times to be exposed to your product or service before she buys something for you?

So, that being said, what are you doing to repeatedly get in front of these potential customers and clients? Anything? Anything at all?

Profit Consultant 1st SuccessThis is important. You know why? Because the lifetime value of a customer can easily be dozens of times the initial purchase. One of my first mentors sold a $19 product and would pay out $36 to an affiliate for the sale. Why? Because he would make on average $834 from that customer in 2 years. That is profit, not gross. But, the only way you can do this is to keep in constant contact with your customers and by adding value to them.

Well, one of the ways you can get more value to and from your customer is through an auto-responder on your site. I have one up there in the right hand corner. You sign up and I give away some of my best info for free. No charge, nothing. And actually one of the best ways to do this is to give away a free report or truly valuable information about the problems your product or service solves.

Just in case you do not know what an Auto-Responder is, it automatically delivers emails in a series or as a news letter to people that sign up for it.

Do you have one on your site? If not, you need to get one! The service that I use has a 30 free trial! And as most of my regular readers know, I don’t use things that don’t work and this works better than iContact, AWeber and even MailChimp. Not only that, but the cost can be 1/10th of these others. Click Here to get your free 30 day trial. Yes, I am an affiliate of these guys and if you end up liking it and using it, I will make a couple of bucks.

But, I do eat my own dog food and would not be recommending it if it was not something that I would use. Try it out and let me know. Also, sign up for A Day In The Life and I will show you how to use your auto-responder to more effectively market your product and services.

Let me know how you like it.

Have a profitable day.

Adventures In Online Business Building