A Quick Profit Within The Next 2 Weeks

I would like to show you a simple  proven way to to give your business a nearly instant increase in profits and the marketing strategy that we use is as close to turn-key as it gets.  It is easy to use and can be implemented in just a couple of hours after we set it up and you should start seeing those profits come in almost immediately and last for several days.

Our proprietary 21to21.com Licensed Marketing program that has been used in every market from Online products and services to Brick And Mortar Businesses such as Hair Salons, Quick Lube Shops, to even larger consumer product companies has been proven to increase sales in all of these types of businesses. Continue reading A Quick Profit Within The Next 2 Weeks

Profit Consulting

Profit Consulting, what the heck is that? Well Profit Consulting is one of those terms that actually means what it says at least it does here at 21to21.com.  We consult with companies and individuals and help them make more Profit, i.e. money.  Pretty simple actually.

Profit Consulting is directly measurable in its effectiveness by turning red into black on the balance sheet which in turn, is all about green.  Which in case you did not notice is what our logo is all about.

In the case of any decent Profit Consulting Firm, they should have a money back guarantee if their systems don’t work.  At least any consulting firm that is worth their salt or fees as it were.  Which with the dollar dropping like a rock, being paid in salt like in Roman Times which is where the word “Salary” comes from might not be such a bad idea.

But basically, when we do Profit Consulting we work with our clients to improve their sales,  bottom line, or preferably both by implementing strategies for marketing, managing, and running a business.  Depending on the client this can be as simple as implementing one of our proprietary sales systems or going through and running a diagnostic on the whole company or individual divisions or processes.  We have models of high performance companies and individuals in which to base our findings.   Sometimes we are just brought in to figure out what is going right and wrong and then leave it at that.  But I feel that real Profit Consulting comes in when we have free reign to implement systems that we know work to increase sales and profits and then we get paid based upon those results.

That is the short definition of what I  feel the best of Profit Consulting is all about.

Fast Money

One of the great things about this business is that conventional wisdom for some idiotic reasons which are usually perpetuated by idiots eschews quick profits.  Well if you do it right, the profits and sales do come around pretty quickly.  (See Post Below)

I for one have never been fond of slow profits per say…. not that we won’t take them, but we have found the quicker profits usually lead to more of the same while everyone else is waiting, you can be way ahead of your competition and on to the next profit making project.  Speed of implementation is one of the keys to increased profits we have found.   Those companies that can change their course on a dime to stay ahead of ever changing market conditions do well and those that don’t are going out of business in droves.

Pretty easy choice to make in my book.  Profit Consulting 101.


Andrew Anderson

Google Reader

Here I go talking about myself in 3rd person again, but here is another tool from Anderson’s Arsenal and it is called Google Reader.
What is does is that it allows you to snag all of your favorite blogs and put them in one page so that you can catch the posts.  I only subscribe to a handful these day as I have chosen to only follow a few of them mostly because I am just too darn busy.  But here is a video on what it is, what it does, and how to use it.

Just what a video should provide.  Make sure you add the RSS from here and the pearls of wisdom and humor will automatically be delivered to your Google Reader page.  🙂

Here is the link to get there   http://www.google.com/reader/view/#directory-welcome-page

WHAT IS YOUR MESSAGE? “Questions To Ponder”


What is your message or hook that will stop people in their tracks?   Does this one I put on a bus work? Do you have one that you can tell people in just 20 seconds or less.

Ours goes something like this.  “Would you like to be shown how to make more money in your business and use techniques that have been proven to make more profit and if they don’t it won’t cost you a single dime?”

Now of course that is a mini-pitch but what can you say about your business that has some type of guarantee attached to a specific result?  What risk reversal are you willing to offer?

I will post more on this later and if you need help with your, use the contact page above and I will look over some of them and post my humble opinion on them.


Is Your Marketing Message This Clear?

Do you have any doubt about what they do or what they are selling?

If you read my previous post below, I saw their advertisement on the side of a building and had to stop my car and take a picture.

And while their site is a little cludgey www.petpeepee.com you still know exactly what they are all about and what they are selling.

If you go there, check out there jingle.  I love it!

No ambiguity there at all.

  • What is your message?  Is it this clear?
  • Does it only bring in qualified customers like this one?
  • Do you think that they have many tire kickers or do you think that only people that have a pet stain problem go there?

Exactly.. pure genius common sense marketing.

More on this later…


Andrew Anderson

We Are Not For Everyone, Nor Should You Be

Just wanted to point out a couple of things.  21to21.com and the products and services we provide are not for everyone.

This also is a lesson for you in that you do not ever want to be all things to all people because if you go after them all, you will get none.

I think these guys know who there customers should be.What do you think?  The picture was taken at night but  I think you can make out the picture of the dog in the upper right hand corner.  I was driving to see a friend at the hospital one night and saw this and had to stop and take a picture because I thought, Wow, what a great piece of advertising.  It was on the side of a building.

Picture 392

21to21.com is not for you if:

  • If you are not willing to change the way you do business, we are not for you
  • if you already know it all
  • if you are not willing to try several things at once
  • If you are not willing to learn to keep what you are doing that is right and get rid of what you are doing wrong
  • If you are prone to blaming others for you lack of success or frankly, if you are just a plain horse’s ass or a whiner
  • If you have an ego the size of Manhattan
  • If you refer to yourself as Queen, King, or any other form of royalty… you really had better be good at what you do and like royalty of old, be ready to defend your crown.… if you can,  then we would be happy to entertain working with you…
  • If you can’t do a deal on a handshake
  • If you are only in it for the money
  • If you do not have a Win-Win philosophy

If you are offended by any of the above, then we are not for you.  However if you can answer in the affirmative, then lets have a chat.

The thing is that too many companies in their effort to attract clients do not let the client know that they are a bad fit.   Sometimes clients fool you as well.

And while I put up some of the more easily identifiable negative traits, sometimes it is nothing bad per say, it is just a bad fit personality wise.

In any case, do your best to try and keep some of your bad clients for whatever reason from ever becoming your clients in the first place and you will be doing both of you a favor.

Words And Phrases That Sell


Just 1 Phrase That Sells is all that it takes. Often times that is it, just 1. So, here is the first installment of my Arsenal of tools that we use with our clients of Phrases That Sell.

There are actually over 500 and I have seen books with over 10,000 but honestly, stick with these and use them on a regular basis and you will do just fine.

I think we have One of the simplest yet most effective set of words and “Phrases That Sell” which is a collection of over 500 words and phrases that have been shown and proven to help keep peoples interest and to help you sell your product or service.

I try an consult them on a regular basis. Just imagine, all you need to do is to print them out and you can easily glance over them and then pull out the one that fits. It is amazing how your subconscious mind can pick out the most appropriate one for you rather quickly.

I am not sure I want to share this with you but this is exactly what I do when I have writers block. I pull it up and just go over and grab phrases at random and post them in a page. Then I see what I can pull together. Guess what? It works!

So here it is. OH, and if you have any additions, please feel free to send them to me and I will take a look and if there good, I will more than likely add them to the list with attribution if you want to including your name and web address and then update it on a regular basis. I will also add it to this post. If you have a good one, get her in here.

Go ahead and try and them and you too may soon be saying “Holy Smokes Batman, these really work.”

Click Here To Download

The Best Investment Vehicle (emissions free)

This post is from a new course called  “Investing In Small Businesses -The Best Investment Ever Invented” and I wanted to share parts and pieces of it with you.

The reason why I am sharing it with you is that this includes putting money into your own company as well.  As a Profit Consultant, I can’t think of anything better to put your money into than your own business!

It seems obvious but I speak with business owners that are complaining about their investment portfolios going down while their own business is going well.  HELLO, how about saying to heck with your stock broker and put that money into expanding your own business?

I have decided upon some requests for more specifics that over the course of the coming weeks that I am going to give you a primer for investing in small private companies and learn how to blow away our minimum 21% return (which is our benchmark with clients for another business that I work with that I may tell you about later) .

But perhaps more importantly, I am going to show you how not so lose any more money and to keep what you have!

In that in the next several years I think that we are going to be entering a fairly deep deflationary period and recession and we will see yields on bonds and such hover around 2% and the stock market is going to be a pretty scary place to be, I thought that I would show you how to invest in my all time favorite investment and that is basically smart, ambitious, hard working entrepreneurs. Continue reading The Best Investment Vehicle (emissions free)

Words And Phrases That Sell

Updated July 10, 2009  More New Phrases and Words!


Phrases That Sell – Download Them Here And Why You Should Have Them

Phrases that Sell…hmmm .  Were you aware that you only need 1 Phrase to sell your customer?  And that by choosing just the right set of words you get not just words but Phrases That Sell so to speak. While this may sound obvious, there really are tried and true and most importantly tested Phrases that cause people to want to buy your product or service.

You will have to forgive me for speaking in the third person here, but over the past several years I have come up with what I call “Anderson’s Arsenal” of tools and techniques that I use on a regular basis to help myself and my clients with their productivity and therefore profits.  One of them is this list over over 500 Phrases that Sell that you can download for free.

I mean that is what a Profit Consultant is all about. So if yo look under pages and under posts, I am going to be giving you access to some of the very best tools that I have to increase your productivity.

Back to my Arsenal that I am going to open up.  The first one is Phrases That Sell. Imagine if you were able to use the just the right words to entice people to keep on reading your information about your product or actually make a purchase?

Well that is what Phrases That Sell is all about. It is a Free downloadable PDF that has over 500 phrases that you can use to improve your copy. And yes I need to refer to it myself.

So go look and download a copy and print it out. There are currently only 7 pages that the moment. You will find that once you start using them on a frequent basis that you will be saying, Holy Smokes Batman, there really, really work!

Click Here to to download them.   Or you can click on the cover below.  See how easy that is…  I will try and make it a point to upload them on Tuesdays which happens to be one of my favorite days of the week as that is when Whimpy pays for his hamburgers.


How 21to21.com Guarantees Profits

Well for some time now I have wrestled with having a public version of the blog and I have come to the conclusion that if I can save just one person from the grief of the metaphoric skinned knee, then so be it.  So I will be making most of my customers only blog available to the public.  I will post a couple of the posts every few days as time permits.

Plus, I can do my part to perhaps shift the way business is done by just a little bit by the right people and then we can shift the level at which it is conducted worldwide.

If you have not run into 21to21.com before, we are “Profit Consultants” that Guarantee our clients a certain amount of profit from our assistance or we do not get paid. Wouldn’t it be great if every company did that?

Well the truth of the matter is that will never happen, which is why we have a waiting list for customers.

Many Companies Should Get Rid Of 80% Of Their Clients

One of the other differences is that we advocate that many companies should get rid of 80% of their customers. This is not a typo, many companies would benefit from getting rid of 80% of their customers and concentrating on the 20% that bring in 80% of their business.

By doing so you can usually raise net profit by 21% and lower expenses drastically. While on one hand is may seem counter intuitive, on the other hand if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  While most companies will never do it, that is OK .  It makes our job that much easier.

While many of our clients wish to remain private about our services, some do not and in the near future we will be discussing some of the things that we are doing with them and why we decided to work with them.

The simple answer is actually very simple surprisingly enough.

  • First off they have integrity and when I say integrity, that means they will follow through with a handshake better than most people do with signed contracts. Their word means something to them
  • They are smart and innovative and care about their products and services, as well as their clients
  • They are in a unique niche market that is being under served
  • They love what they do and know how to have fun while doing it

So there you have our client criteria and perhaps you can make use of it as well.  It is good to get rid of some clients and occasionally it is good when they get rid of you too.

I look forward to sharing some of our concepts and procedures that allow our customers to thrive even in this economy and I hope that they can help you do the same.  Our goal is for you to see and experience Profit Consulting at its best.

Andrew Anderson