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No matter what stage of your Business life you are in, be it just starting and and a stone cold Newbie or a seasoned veteran, one of the fastest methods that I know of to increase profits and decrease that amount of time that you work is it put your Focus On Your Strengths and Outsource Your Weaknesses.

Concentrate on what you do best and outsource the rest!

Google And Yahoo Secret Weapon

In this post I am going to share with you one of my  SEO secrets that will knock your socks off.   This is a big one out of Anderson’s Secret Arsenal.  There are actually two components to this that help you move up on  Google’s rankings.  This is totally White Hat as it were and I have learned that you can never fake out Google or Yahoo.  Even if you do, they will find out and you will be hosed so bad that you will wish that you never messed with them.

What this technique that I came up with  does is to simply make Google’s and Yahoo’s  job easier for them. There job in case you did not know it is to make sure their searches provide the highest quality content for your searches.

So now are you ready for the big revelation?  Here it is… write great relevant content and do it well and do it often.  How is that for a big revelation?   If you do not have good relevant content, forget it.

This includes using good tags, and using the words you want to be listed under in a common sense way.  You should also make use of video and post them on YouTube,  Veoh, Viddler, and other places.

It really can be that simple…..

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What Are You Doing To Shake Things Up?

What Are You Doing To Shake Things Up in you business?  Now here is the catch 22.  If you know anything about “Personality Language” ™ then you know that about 65% of the population does not like change and that leaves us with about 35% who do to a certain degree. The two main types are called “Sameness”  and “Difference” patterns.  (If you don’t know about Personality Language ™ Click here to view more details and you can find out more about it.  Great book by the way.

Personality Language
Personality Language

So if you are changing things up a lot, you may be losing quite a few customers……but that depends on your customers.  There are certain niches that have a whole lot more than of one type than others.  The kicker is knowing your customer base.

For instance, most Entrepreneurs are Difference people in that they thrive on difference and change.   So, if you are selling to them theb you want to put “New” and “Improved”  whereas if the audience is the “Sameness” pattern, then you definitely do not want to use those terms.

Instead you want to use “Reliable” and say things like “the same product you have come to know and love”.

There is a lot more to it and I highly recommend it.  You will never look at marketing the same way again.

Be that as it may, you still may want to change things up from time to time to make sure that you are not getting stale.

For instance, I am looking at a complete new site design change.  Now I know I harp on not getting to caught up in design, it can and does help if you have a good design of course, but honestly, content is still King and Queen for that matter.

So, with that in mind, I am going to be experimenting with a couple of new ones here shortly.

It Is OK To Become Overwhelmed

This has been one of those weeks where there are far more things to do than the time to do them in. Even with the use of some great Virtual Assistants (which we now offer) there can be just too much to do.

If you are running any kind of business that is moving forward, you are going to have things thrown at you faster than it you have hands to catch them.   It is OK!   Sometimes you will end up with a big pile of stuff around your feet.

If you are growing your business, this is normal and if it does not happen once in awhile then I would start getting very nervous because that means you are not pushing the envelope enough.

If you don’t screw up once in every so often then that means your are not pushing hard enough. While some may say that this is a good thing, here is why I say it is the exact opposite in a big, big way.

If you are not pushing hard enough or trying enough new things to make your business grow that you are not making any mistakes, you will never learn what does not work and what really does and …. you can bet that somewhere out there your competition is pushing the envelope and is going to clean your clock.  It is not an if, but a when.

People that are not doing anything never feel like they are overwhelmed.   Now this is not to say that you wan to feel like this constantly, but a couple of day or even a few weeks is OK and actually good for you.

So keep this in mind when the proverbial shit is hitting the fan and everyone is looking to your for answers to solve everything. This indeed is a good thing.

Andrew Anderson
PS It is however OK to bring an umbrella and wear appropriate clothing when you see a storm approaches.   And remember, “Where There Is Chaos, There Is Opportunity”….

Membership Site


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Hi there,

Do those numbers do anything for you?  They sure do for  me! I put them right on top because if I don’t hook you right now, you could be losing thousands of dollars a month if you don’t read this.

I don’t care if you are just starting off in your new business be it online or offline i.e.  A Brick and Mortar business, are a non-profit or even a Church.  Membership sites can do those numbers and more, and I will show you how and why.

I had started to write a few paragraphs on the subject, but then I began thinking about all of the questions that I have gotten over the years about Membership Sites and decided to try to answer as many of them as I could.  The other reason that I am posting this now with  typos and all before my editor looks it over rather is so that I do not commit one of the worst 3 mistakes you can make  in Membership Sites and specifically in marketing period.  Read below to see what I am talking about.

Do you see why I spell Membership $ite with a dollar sign?

But first, a couple of questions for you if you don’t mind.

  1. Would you like to add a lot of cash to your bottom line in the next 7 to 10 days? Say $250 – $20,000 or more.  (I realize a “lot” is relative here)
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Pay Per Click Demonstration

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