Get 21% More Done Each Day

Here is a tool that I have been using for sometime now.  It is mind-blowing how much simpler staying organized is.  It is great for everyday use as well as for project management, keeping your accounting in order, and just making your life easier.

Plus, you never have to forget anything ever again.   If you are a bit messy or disorganized, or flat out just have a lot going on and you want to get even more done and take a load off of your shoulders when it comes to finding things, Evernote can do all that and more.

Never lose a receipt, never lose a business card or contact either.  Really cool tool….

Day 8 Of The Coke Werror…. Geeshe..

werrors_cokeOK, I am getting bored here posting about this now.  Can someone explain to me how a major company can have an werror on the main Web page for at least 8 days?  This could have been like this for weeks or months for all I know.

Now I don’t want to fling stones here as I have said before I have pulled similar mistakes before in the past and have taken steps so that we don’t do that anymore.  But this is a multi-billion dollar company, geeshe.

OK, I am done now.   Have some cool things that I am working on at the moment and may get them posted by the end of the day..

Have Not Heard From Coke Or Warren Buffet – How To Avoid This And How To Gain A New Client Base Within Your Niche.

Werror Day 6
Werror Day 6

Day 6 of the werror (web error) on the main page over at Coke.  No call from Warren Buffet or email from him either and the same goes for Coke.

Might see if I can get through the switchboard at Coke or at Berkshire Hathaway if I have the time but we have a launch coming up and that is in rather short supply.  Definitely a lesson for us all.  🙂

Also I will post another really good free tool to help you avoid things exactly like this on your own site and how to have a much more profitable website.  I also  explain why I wrote that sentence exactly the way I did.

Here is a hint…. how would you like me to show you where to gain an audience as large as your current one that I can almost with 100% certainty say that you nor no one else is targeting at all no matter what niche you are in?

I kid you not… kind of a mind blowing marketing mega secret that I have decided to share with you soon.