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OK, this post is going to allow me to cover a couple of common themes that have been popping up over the past three weeks.

Recently, I have gotten at least seven different emails from seven different Gurus pointing me toward two of the same NEW products.

Both were HUGE NEW discoveries there were going to make me millions.  🙂

Wrong Advice

1. The first one was that long copy sales copy and even copy was dead or did not matter, and that screen shot videos were the only way to go for sales pages.

Well, right off the bat I would have to put that in the Wrong Advice Column.  Long copy has been proven time and time again to out-sell short copy by several hundred times and copy always matters no matter what media you use.  So, the alarm bells went off on that one, so write that one off.

As far as doing screen shot videos for sales pages as a new thing,  well, I put down that technique in detail in my eBook, The Muse Blueprint and The 4 Hour Muse back in 2007.  So, nothing really new there at all.  I also went over it in detail a few years back at a big event for Internet Marketers in LA.

And to top it off, I also have an updated version of how to do this in my new Book  “Start On Monday”.  It is supposed to be released this week and I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

Late To The Party

2. The other New Discovery was that Brick and Mortar small businesses  need help with marketing was a is a huge market.  Well Duh, I have been in that market for several years now.  All I have to say is, you guys are really kind of late to that party and it is not all that new to anyone that has been paying attention for the last 15 years.  🙂

They are also talking about getting 1st page Google results using Videos… Hmm, Oh, they couldn’t have looked the series of blog posts I did two months ago could they?  LOL

Guess what, that is in  “Start On Monday” as well. Except you don’t have to pay  $2,997  for it.  It is only $27.  I swear that are charging that much for it.  Arghhh..

Seriously, call me up and I will tell you what to do in 20 minutes for $100 and give you a couple of tricks they won’t teach you to boot.  Or better yet, just buy the book.

How To Pay For The Right Kind Of Help

I have to be a bit careful here on this one because I work with some of these folks.  But if I hear of another PR / Marketing company that won’t put there compensation on the line and guarantee results or claims to be a Social Media expert and only has 1,000 followers on Twitter, my eyes are going to pop out.  Or if they don’t use their Blog for SEO and can’t  show me how they tie in with the clients marketing and sales, then in my book, you are wasting my clients money. Continue reading Wrong Advice – Late To The Party – Experts Who Aren’t – Paying For Help – Firing Clients

Money Magnet or Crap Magnet?

Are you a Money Magnet or a Crap Magnet?

This is an excerpt from my soon to be released book, “Start On Monday” which should be out within the next 10 days.

I thought you might enjoy it.


Are you a Money Magnet or a Crap Magnet?


OK, I am putting this in the front of the book so that we can get things set up for the rest of the book from an attitude perspective.

I am going to make an observation here about what may be currently going on in your life and also what you need to do to become wealthy, or at least much better off than you are currently (if you are not already wealthy).

Much of this thought process is pulled from Harv Eker’s wonderful book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”. If you have not read it, do yourself, your significant other and those you love a big, big favor, and go out and get it and read it tonight. Here is a link for it. After reading please let me know what you think.

I am going for a much abbreviated version here and I know there are days where we all do some of the below to a certain extent but, if this is your main mode of thinking you need to do some serious soul searching.

Rich people Create their own life and poor people believe that Life just happens to them.

Poor people, I am talking mind, body, spirit, and wallet here are victims by nature. Rich people are not. What you focus on tends to expand and therefore victims create there life in which they are constant victims and Rich people tend to get Richer. Go Figure! 🙂 Continue reading Money Magnet or Crap Magnet?

Like the site?

Let me know what you think of the new site design.  Thinking about adding a bit of color, but just wanted to know what you thought.


Just a tad of color.  My partner Craig had a cow when I showed him some of these. 🙂

The Only Two Reason Why People Buy Anything

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I have seen a lot said about the science of buying, heard PR firms, Advertising Agencies, pundits galore, along with every Tom, Dick, and Harriet out there discuss the psychology of buying and yet, not heard it broken down into these two simple truths in quite this way before.

Only Two Reasons

I have distilled this from many conversations with world-renowned performance expert and author Marilyne Woodsmall, who has written several books on human modeling and human behavior, with the latest being “Personality Language” ™  How To Persuade And Influence Virtually Anyone” which is available on Amazon or from

The only two reasons that anyone buys anything are these. Continue reading The Only Two Reason Why People Buy Anything

HootSuite, The Nicest Place To Stay In Social Media For Your Business – An Interview

HootSuite Interview with Andrew Anderson of www.21to21.com

This is an interview that I just did with Dave Olson over at HootSuite which is one of the best tools you can use for Social Media and your business.

They just released a team collaboration tool to manage a Businesses Social Media that frankly, just totally rocks and you need to get it.  I allows you to have several people use your Social Media and collaborate while limiting permissions.

Below the interview, I have  a video showing you what it can do.

If you are using not using this great Social Media tool (and it is free) and your competition is, at least you will now know why you are losing your customers to the them!  🙂  I am sure the blog will get hammered so be patient while the audio loads! Continue reading HootSuite, The Nicest Place To Stay In Social Media For Your Business – An Interview

The Biggest Asset You Can Have

connection to the team at www.21to21.comIt is well past 2:00 AM  and I am about bushed.  Started at 8:00 this morning and yet I am still pumped and in a bit of a contemplative mood and tired and wired at the same time  But I have found that in these moments that I have some of my best insights, right before my battery runs totally out.

All of the clutter and noise of the day is gone and it seems like my fore brain and subconscious meld.

Today, I spoke with members of my team scattered all across the globe.  From Europe, to America, and Canada, to the South Pacific and Asia. Continue reading The Biggest Asset You Can Have

Twitter – Why You Need It For Your Business – An Introduction

Understanding Twitter in 5 minutes:

  • Why you need it for your business

  • What it is

  • How it works

  • How you can make money from it

By: Andrew Andersen

In order to help you understand Twitter, you just need to understand and think about it as the ultimate direct marketing tool because Twitter users voluntarily sign up to receive you messages or your tweets.

I’m not gonna mention any other special jargon, we’re gonna bring it down to the basic terms so you can understand the power of Twitter and why you need to understand it and start using it immediately.

This poll and survey was just taken about 3 or 4 days ago and I want to read something of it for you. Are you more likely to buy since becoming a fan or follower? Now, 67% of the Twitter respondents said yes. Are you more likely to recommend since becoming a fan or follower? 79% of the Twitter followers said yes. So if someone’s following you on Twitter and you have a Twitter account and you’re tweeting and sending out messages, 79% of the respondents said they’re more likely to recommend your product or service to someone else that they know. Continue reading Twitter – Why You Need It For Your Business – An Introduction

Dim Dim Is Brighter Than I Thought

DimDimI just wanted to do a follow up post to the one I did yesterday concerning my experience with Dim Dim.  Well, not too long afterward I was contacted via comments on the Blog by their community manager and their CEO did a follow up.

OK guys, I am impressed. They wanted to go over the issues I was having and find out what the scoop was. While I am flat out booked on time to go back over everything with them on my issues today, the fact that they are monitoring their social media is a great lesson in how to use Social Media correctly for Brand Monitoring.

While the verdict is still out on the Software, and it really could be there was something hinckey going on, they have there shit together when it comes to brand monitoring and how they responded is a very good positive lesson on how powerful a tool Social Media can be when used correctly.

So, hats off to Dim Dim for jumping on this, and when I get a chance to go over things with them I will let you know the scoop.