Get Your Online Business Setup And Going For Less Than $2,500

Fortune Cookie www.21to21.comBelieve it or not, you really can get a complete eCommerce website done for under $2.500 these days.  And no we are not talking about those out of the box template monstrosities that you only pay $5 per month for or are from a template that 10,000 other business have that look exactly the same.

I am talking about having a full blown custom design that does not look like it comes from the 80’s.  I am not talking about a Website that is not centered in your browser.  That is the surest sign I know of these days to quickly ascertain if a company has their act together on the web.  If it is left justified and not centered on your screen, be careful about doing business with them.  🙂  Just saying…  🙂

Today, you really need to have the following.

  1. A Centered Website that lets people know how your product or service can help solve their problem or pain, or make their liver easier or more enjoyable.
  2. You need to have an integrated design to the site which include a look and feel that is consistent throughout the site.
  3. You must have a Blog, even if you don’t want to write in it, have someone else do it.
  4. You must have RSS feeds and social media integration.  While I have not heard too much about this from the so called Gurus, your RSS feed can be your most important traffic source.  The same goes for your Social Media.
  5. If you have products or services to sell, ( I mean why else would you be in business) then you need a way for your customers to purchase them. You need buttons and a shopping cart.   Here are some examples of some pretty cool buttons. Note the buy now button and the sign up for twitter button.

Most companies can get a great looking Website, Blog, online Social Media Framework, and Shopping Cart/Way to collect money, Video Integration, and all done for your including graphics for $2,477. Where? Right here with and

So what are you waiting for? It does not matter if you are a just starting out, or need a serious rehaul of your Website. You don’t need to spend more in 85% of the cases.

In 99.99% of all of the sites that we have looked at, most can be done for under $10,000 using our new tools. 94% can be done for under $5,000 and of those, 88% can be done for under $2,500.

And putting money in your Web Presence is by far the best money you can spend for Marketing/Sales and in practically any other category you can think of for sure. Simply because in case you have not noticed, people go to your Website First!

Plus, you can keep it up-to-date and humming for less than $200 with hosting and fresh content for your blog. You don’t even have to write it yourself!

Why are we doing it so inexpensively?

Well, because we are tired of seeing crappy looking Websites for one. Secondly, we are tired of coming in after the fact when a client has spent $5,000 to $50,00 and still has a site the will not make them money and then having to convince them that it can be done form $2,400 or in the larger ones, for only $10,000 and that it can bring in 5 x the business they are bringing in now. It is painful to watch. And frankly, just silly and totally unnecessary.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, and get access to our new tools, plus a whole lot of other bonuses such as marketing and SEO assistance then just click on the Button below to get started.

Oh, and you will be able to easily maintain, change, and update your site as well. Complete training on how to do this is provided as well.

Get $10,000 In Credit For Your Business Even If You Are Just Starting

Here is a video on how to get at least $10,000 in credit for your business even if you are just starting off, or you personal credit sucks.

As most of you know, I don’t sell other peoples products or systems on this site very often.  And the ones that I do, I think are only the best.  Of those there are even fewer where I become an affiliate of for sure.

Well, this program is one of them because I know many of you can use it and it comes with such a great guarantee.  Watch the video completely and then when you are done, click on the link below.

If you can really use $10,000 or more worth of credit for your business within the next 5 Weeks, then by all means take advantage of this now. Do not wait as it will not be around for long as you can imagine. 


Let me know how it goes!


Profit Consultant - Andrew Anderson

Memorial Day

I would like to say thank you for all of those who have served and are serving, as well as the families that support them.

I truly appreciate what you have done and will do for use in America each and every day.

While there are those that want to lump us in with the rest of the world, and say we are not different, that all nations are created equally, those of use who actually think, and have ever read an ounce of history know better. Continue reading Memorial Day



11_128x128By Marilyne Woodsmall


In our prior discussion, I talked about the Evaluation People Pattern™. This critical Evaluation People Pattern™ determines how an individual makes a judgment. In the context of sales, this pattern reveals how an individual makes a judgment to buy a product or service.

If you remember, there are two types of people when it comes to the Evaluation People Pattern™: Internal People and External People. Continue reading DO TESTIMONIALS REALLY WORK? PART II:

Getting Unplugged To Make A Lot More Money

I have been thinking about getting back to this later, but because of my schedule and work load and by choice I have been cutting down on dealing with emails, phone calls, meetings, and letting these and other interruptions interfere with my daily routine.

And guess what?  I am actually getting more done.  While I have known this and in fact have even written about it extensively.  But it is amazing how just a few minor tweaks in the way you do things can have a profound effect on your life, your income, and your happiness and fulfillment factor.

Or what my Partner Craig and I  like to call the MadFun factor.

Guess what, checking your emails 40 times a day usually accomplishes nothing productive whatsoever.  You need to ask yourself am I keeping busy to keep busy or am I truly being productive?

Typically 20% of what we do results in 80% or more of our profit.  This is called the Pareto Principle for those of you that have never heard of it or the 80-20 rule.   Pretty cool guy actually Mr. Pareto.

A schedule defends from chaos and whim. It is a net for catching days. It is a scaffolding on which a worker can stand and labor with both hands at sections of time.
Annie Dillard

Here is another Post that I did that talks about this that you might find interesting.

So, you might want to thing about unplugging.  It can put more money in your Wallet, and give you piece of mind that you might not have felt in some time.


Profit Consultant - Andrew Anderson



Long before the internet came along, people have been giving testimonials for products. TV sales have always played a huge part in the conspicuous consumer society in which we 1live and still do so today. With the onset of the Internet, we have been overwhelmed with the typical and quite annoying bottomless sales letter that is riddled with endorsements and testimonials to convince prospective buyers to purchase a product or service.

And with TV shopping channels like QVC and the Home Shopping Network, testimonials play an increasingly important role in selling. Or do they? The question is do they really work with everyone? The answer is NO, NO, NO!!!

In fact, only about half of the population cares about what others think about a product before they buy it. The other half simply couldn’t care less what other people say about what they are buying. Which type are you? And more important, which type are your customers? Just because you may like to hear what other people are saying about products before purchasing them doesn’t mean that all of your customers think the same way. Or you may not care about testimonials and yet some of your customers won’t buy your products without them. Continue reading DO TESTIMONIALS REALLY WORK?

Get 50% More Sales….. An Interview With The Author Of The New Book “Personality Language” Marilyne Woodsmall

Add 50% Or More To Your Sales….. An interview with the author of the new book “Personality Language” Marilyne Woodsmall.

I did this interview when this book first came out and I see that there a few people have picked on just how valuable this really is and are starting to teach it.  But, why not get it from the Horse’s mouth so to speak instead.

Get comfortable and take a listen to an interview I did with the author of the new book Personality Language.  Listen in as we discuss how using Personality Language can dramatically boost your profits.

This is a totally new way to reach not only new customers, but get a lot more sales from your existing customers.

I hope to have more chats with her about this mind-blowing new way to communicate with your customers and increase your profits.

We talk about how Personality Language and you will find out why you want to layout all of your Blog posts, Sales Letters, and Information Products this way if you want to have the most success with them and become profitable.

Marilyne Woodsmall and Wyatt Woodsmall, who are Human Success Modelers  wrote  this as a primer to introduce this new way of thinking. Continue reading Get 50% More Sales….. An Interview With The Author Of The New Book “Personality Language” Marilyne Woodsmall