How To Get 1,021 New Targeted Twitter Followers Guaranteed

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If you are looking for complete Twitter management or just want to jump start your targeted followers, I can help.  This can include Geo Targeting (a fancy way of saying by location).

You can now get at 1,021 targeted followers for only $79 as an introductory special. This includes scheduling and sending out your Tweets for one month.  Get your Social Media and high gear and learn how to not only get new customers, but stay in touch with existing ones.

If you aren’t aboard yet, you need to be now. Social Media is as necessary as email. That is unless you want your competition to clobber you and eat your lunch.

I can also help get you set up with a management account to make it easier for you to keep track of communications with your followers.

How Not To Let Email And Other Ducks Peck You To Death

How To Not Let Email And Other Ducks Peck You To Death

Bad Ducks

As an Entrepreneur, we are all usually faced with too much to do and too little time to do it. I am sure that you know what I mean.

In the past year, I have gotten off track with letting the Ducks peck me a little by little until I realized because of some family matter that demanded even more of my time, that they were literally beginning to peck me to death.

Now the things is that I know better and point in fact point this out and hammer it home with my customers and even have a whole chapter devoted to this in my Book, Start On Monday.

There are however easy fixes for this and I have had to implement them because of literally some life and death matter.

The kicker is, that I should not have waited to that point to put a stop on it. Because it takes an unnecessary toll not only on you and your business, but your customers and loved ones as well.

Now this may meet resistance from not only your subconscious, but your customers as well.

The first area is emails. I have gone back to checking my emails to twice a week following the lead of Tim Ferriss in his book, The 4 Hour Workweek.

I am going to cover the three major ones and give you their Scientific Names as well.

The Email Duck – Quackus Alotus Toomuchus Continue reading How Not To Let Email And Other Ducks Peck You To Death

Colors That Sell

Colors That Sell or the alternative title – Colors That Sell Shit… i.e. that make you a profit, put money in your pocket, allow you to live your dreams. Now this started off tongue in cheek, but it is serious too.

If you are watching the video, please disregard all of the Ums and Aas in there. I just listened to it and jeeze.. who is that guy talking. But, here again it goes back to my my 80% rule, 80% and out there will beat going for 100% and never getting done every single time. Continue reading Colors That Sell

How To Best Get Started

Have you ever noticed that often times the hardest thing to do is the simplest thing? In that when you get you your Business idea all set up we often times kind of get twisted about it and try to figure out all of the start angles for every part of it. We make lists, and draw all kind of mind maps and become focused on what the outcome is going to be like.

If that has not worked for you yet, I have another way to approach things. Rather than making a huge list of things that you need to get done, you concentrate on doing just one thing and concentrate not on the outcome per say but on how you are doing the process. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised out how much more you get done. Instead of writing a whole list of things that you want to get done for the day or the week, you make your list only have the one item that has to be done. Just one.

Then after you accomplish that, you then add another thing. You are not going to forget all of the things that get done, but you will start getting a sense of accomplishment.

You see, if have your own business, or you are even thinking about starting your Muse or Business, you expect more out of yourself than most people.

This is a good thing for the most part, but you also have a tendency to think in a positive fashion so as an

Continue reading How To Best Get Started

Want To Start A Business? Do It NOW And Here Is Why

If you have ever thought about starting your business, do it now.

Don’t Talk It About It Any Longer. Here Is Why…

Laffer Curve Profit Consultant

Why? Well, one reason is that it often takes less time to actually do it than to talk about it. Secondly, taking action and gaining momentum is the best way to increase your chances of success.

Plus, there are some huge Economic and tax reasons coming in 2011 that are going to make it far more difficult to get started.

The largest tax increase on small businesses and people in general is going to take effect in January. And when I do say huge, I mean increases by 25% in some cases or more.  I have not heard much about it in the LameStream Media but it is coming. Continue reading Want To Start A Business? Do It NOW And Here Is Why

The Pygmalion Effect And Profits – Why The Saying Attitude Is Everything Is True

Why What You Think The Outcome Will Be In Life Matters More Than Ever

So you think you are going to do well with your next Marketing Campaign or dealing with a loved one or colleague?  This is good because if you don’t, it impacts the outcome of your campaign and just outcome, believe it or not.  Read on and you will find out why.

As an update, there have been some recent experiments in Quantum Physics that prove this theory out to a scary degree. The experiments prove that intention does indeed have a measurable effect on the outcome of Quantum reactions.

Every once in awhile, a light bulb goes on for me (incandescent ones, I don‘t do fluorescents. Hey the Air Force banned them for a reason) when thoughts come together that have been brewing for some time.

I happened to be going through some of the piles of books that I have and came across “The Power of Positive Thinking In Business” by Scott W. Ventrella.

I had read and own a first run copy of Norman Vincent Peal’s classic, “The Power of Positive Thinking.” Good book indeed and runs along with “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Continue reading The Pygmalion Effect And Profits – Why The Saying Attitude Is Everything Is True

Mass Mediocrity And The Motivation People Pattern


“Human nature is such that if we are relatively content, then we are not going to be motivated to do anything to change our comfort zone, whether it be now or later.” Marilyne Woodsmall


This is more on Personality Language(tm) from Marilyne Woodsmall.  I will say it again, grab the book, it will help you better understand people and make you a lot more money. – Easy Anderson

Why is this so? It is because when people have already gotten all the carrots and sticks they think they need to lead what they believe to be an acceptable lifestyle, then they no longer have that fire burning within to move any farther. Life is okay as is, nothing more nothing less, no bells and whistles; yet this is satisfactory to them so they don’t care to budge one bit. These are the very people who end up staying in jobs for years and are quite content to do so.

Continue reading Mass Mediocrity And The Motivation People Pattern

We Have Two Winners! Do You Know Of A Non-Profit That Could Use A GREAT Website Built For Free?

Non Profit Website

A Free Website For A Non-Profit

Do you know of a great Non-Profit that could use a new $2,500 to $10,000 website for free?

We are looking to donate up to three complete Websites with every bell and whistle in the book if need be including hosting for a year for Free.

I am proud to announce that we have found two non-profits that we are going to be helping. They are which helps Children with Cancer and which helps raise awareness of people with mental illness.

We are so glad that that we will be helping these two very worthy causes.

There is still one more spot left at this time. Continue reading We Have Two Winners! Do You Know Of A Non-Profit That Could Use A GREAT Website Built For Free?