Tim Ferriss And The 4- Hour Body. How It And 15 minute Female Orgasms Can Teach You To Succeed In Business

Tim Ferriss And The 4- Hour Body. How It Can Teach You To Succeed In Business And Bed

the4hourbody I will say this right up front. I have been a big fan of Tim’s ever since he came out with his first best selling book “The 4 Hour Workweek”. After reading it all in one day, it inspired me to change my business focus forever and has lead me to some interesting twists in my life. Oh yea, it has also made me money. 🙂

If you have not read it, go to the library or better yet, go online and buy the latest version now.

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How To Build A Profitable Website – An Interview With Glenn Bridges

How you can build a Website for your Business that can compete against even Multi-National Companies and Win!

Here is a picture of Glenn and Tim Ferriss and Tim’s Launch of The 4-Hour Body which just made #1 on the New York Time’s best seller list. That is Glenn on the right and Tim Ferriss on the left of course.  I am following Tim’s book and it is awesome by the way. Lost about 10 pounds of fat and gained over 5 pounds of muscle in a little over one week.

Hope you enjoy the Interview. There is some great information in here. Just click on the arrow below to get started or you can download the MP3 for later. 🙂


Here is a link to Download the MP3 of the Interview Here.

Here is a link to Glenn’s Non-Profit  Inner FlameTim Ferriss and Glenn Bridges

Here is the transcript of the Interview.

Andrew Anderson: … Andrew Anderson and I have the pleasure today to interview a gentleman from across the pond in the UK, named Glenn Bridges. Glenn, how are you doing today?

Glenn Bridges: I’m doing exceptionally well. Andrew, after a couple of minor hiccups, I’m doing very well.

Andrew Anderson: Yeah. The subject for today’s interview is basically how a good website can give you a competitive edge even against the largest of multinational companies. And we wanna go over some of the things that you should and shouldn’t do to make sure that your website is useful, that you could actually make money and be profitable from which I would dare to say that most people want to do that. Although by some of the websites you and I have discussed recently, you’ve got to wonder that if they’re not trying to drive people away at times. Glenn, why don’t you tell us a little bit about who you are, and what you want, etc, etc,?

Glenn Bridges: Well, I’ve had a very interesting couple of years. The quick answer to that is I left college at 18 after studying English Language and Literature Music. Music technology, IT in Psychology, and decided I didn’t wanna go down the typical route of going to university. It just didn’t appeal to me. And I also didn’t wanna get a job. So I did, I fell into kind of like the passion and interest of mine, which I set up as a business. And at that time it was called… what was it called? Right Now, that’s what it was called. And I say that because we shortly changed the name to something called interflame. And the premise was, we would work with young people, helping them get access to personal __ of materials by running courses, some of the stuff that I’ve had access to and have helped me to make amazing changes in my life. Other things like, becoming an LP practitioner and one of those Tony Robbins courses, and lots of other __ around that and spent some thousands of thousands of pounds in my early teens. That sort of stuff Continue reading How To Build A Profitable Website – An Interview With Glenn Bridges

Quotes To Get You Profitable!

I love collecting quotes. They can help motivate you and remind you what is important. Here are a few of them for you to chew on.

"Coming up with new ideas is easy. It is letting go of the old ones and actually using the new ones that is tough" Easy Anderson

"The right man is the one who seizes the moment." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Happiness depends upon ourselves. Aristotle

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Global Warming, Carbon Credits and Adultery Credits Explained

Two videos that explain it all. Enjoy!

Bo Bo and Bee Bee The Conundrum Bears Talk About Man Made Global Warming and Carbon Credits and Adultery Credits.

The Man Made Global Warming as explained by Bo Bo to Bee Bee.

And …. Bo Bo and Bee Bee Discuss Carbon and Adultery Credits

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Why You Must Be Mobile Ready!

Why you must be mobile ready!

Just check the first 15 minutes of this video and you will see why you need to be mobile ready.  The rest about Flash is not relevant. Flash is dead and don’t use it.  It will not work on iPhones, or iPads.  Do not fight Apple.  🙂

Get mobile ready. You and your business need it. There are a lot of opportunities here. If you don’t take this seriously you are going to get your butt handed to you on a silver platter by your competition that does get “it”. And we don’t want that now do we?

Andrew “Easy” Anderson

What Is Wrong With Adobe,UPS, And DHL? What Not To Do On Your Website

As promised, this is the first in a series of videos on how to run a profitable online Business. These days, if you are not online you probably won’t remain in business very long, so this will include just about everybody.

This is Part 1 and I go over what Adobe, UPS, and DHL are doing wrong on their sites so that you don’t make these same major blunders. This is best viewed in Full Screen Mode.

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