The Lone Ranger Wasn’t

Lone Ranger Wasn’t Alone

Entrepreneur Mistakes 101

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One of the biggest mistakes I see Entrepreneurs make is that they think that they can go it alone.  Let me clue you in. That is just plain wrong!  If you want to really grow and hit your full potential you you need a Tonto. You need a side kick and if you are really smart, several of them.  Not only the more the merrier, but the more the money you will make! A partner in crime not only works with your business, but with you life as well. Things just go better when you can fill in each others gaps and watch your partner’s back.

But, many of us are control freaks by nature and like doing stuff our own way.  Get over it. It does not work well that way.

You cannot do it all by yourself.  The easiest and hardest way to do that is to snag a partner or two.  When it works, it works great, when it does not work so well, it sucks really, really bad.

Good partners are like finding a good mate. It can be hard but there are techniques that you can learn and ways to go about doing so.  You may get luck on the first try or it may take some dating to find just the right one.

The other way to find your side kick is to hire them. I have people that I pay via profit sharing, and I also use PVA or Pooled Virtual Assistants.   PVA’s are a term I coined in my book The Muse Blueprint and I created the term and implemented it because I needed back up. So, I created a pool of Virtual Assistants and would assign items to the pool, and someone would get it done, it someone was not available, I had someone else available to get it done.

So whether you hire and partner up with someone or better yet several someones, you should do so as soon as you can.  It can and will make a big difference in your success.


Andrew Anderson

Profit Consultant

Looking For Partner For Ongoing Business

Are You Looking For A Business To Become Involved In That Is Already Up And Running?

Perhaps it is you or you know someone that can help me find a partner for one of my niche virtual businesses.

I am looking to bring in a partner to run one of my virtual businesses. I currently slowed things down so that it only does a couple of hundred per month because I don’t have time to run it properly, but it should be doing $5,000 to $25,000+ per month.

Looking to bring in preferably a female partner that is detail orientated, has excellent management and communications skills, has good systems skills and is motivated on a 50/50 basis that will go to a 60/40% basis in your favor once you prove you can run it for me.  You must know Excel and Quickbooks, have a newer computer and a fast Internet connection. You can work from your home.

$1,500 gets a buy in and all profits go back to you until you get your buy in back.  I just need someone with skin in the game so that I know you are serious. I have had this since 2007. When ramped up, it could do $250,000 to $500,000 per year.

You have to be honest and fun to work with and be easy going.  I need less headaches and not more.  🙂  This is a very cool and fun business that just needs some TLC to make flourish again. I can ramp up sales again, but only if I have you!

If this sounds like you, please call 307-459-1092 .   If you now someone that might be interested, please pass this on.

Andrew Anderson

Gene Simmons Of Kiss On Marketing

Gene Simmons Of Kiss On Marketing

Gene Simmons Of Kiss
Gene Simmons Of Kiss

Ok, if you have only watched Gene Simmons of KISS on the Apprentice or Family Jewels listen to this interview. It is a treat. This is shows why Gene is the smartest guy in entertainment.

Did you know that Kiss  has more license agreements than the Beatles?  It have more than any other band in history as a matter of fact.
Continue reading Gene Simmons Of Kiss On Marketing

An Open Letter to Business People Who Want To Partner With Me

This was originally posted by Dave Albert I am totally re-posting it but he deserves all of the credit.

I just so happen to agree with him and added a few more comments at the end.

An Open Letter to Business People

November 11, 2010

So you have an idea for a start up? Awesome! The world needs more people like you. You’re going to have to start by finding a technical co-founder. This is hard because you’re not a programmer, so I’m going to teach you how to do it.

You’ll notice I said “technical co-founder” and not “developer.” That’s important. If you decide to pay someone a few thousand dollars for a web app made to your specifications, you will probably fail. Why? Because your idea is not very good yet. You’re going to have to iterate a whole bunch of times before your idea succeeds. You need someone who’s going to be in it for a long haul. You need a technical co-founder.

Now that you’ve decided to find a real co-founder, let’s get started. For the time being, I’ll play the part of your co-founder to be. We’ve already decided that you’re not going to be paying me in cash. Instead, you’re going to be paying me in equity. This is easier for you anyway because equity doesn’t cost you anything. Continue reading An Open Letter to Business People Who Want To Partner With Me



Success is often talked about, but hardly ever truly explained in my opinion. I mean, like I want a blueprint that I can follow that has a darn good chance of working.

Well, after much thought, interviews, being involved in successful and not successful ventures, here is what I believe it is boiled down from all my decades of observation and participation.

While Positive thoughts are necessary to succeed, positive thoughts alone are not sufficient to succeed.  It still involves Work and it also involves a willingness to go to extremes. Continue reading Success