How Would You Like To Be On The First Page Of Google?

Google Profit ConsultantI am breaking into the Vault of SEO tricks and am going to make a very, very limited offer.  If you have watched some of what I have presented over the past few years on SEO you have seen some of what I can deliver.

I am tired of the posers out there and it is beginning to piss me off quite frankly.

If you are a local business in virtually any town in the US. I mean a Plumber, Dentist, Plastic Surgeon, Baker, Hairdresser or pretty much any other business that could benefit from being on the first page of Google and other search engines in your town than you need to read this.

Have you spent thousand on Radio, TV, Newspapers or even on Google Ad Words with less than stellar results?

Well, being on the first page of Google in your town can blow away the results of all of those as well as using some of the other online marketing techniques that I will implement for you. Whatever results you have gotten online in the past, I am going to show you how to double them. I guarantee it.

If you would like to have new clients for your business on a steady basis and dominate your competition then this is for you.

I am going to be taking a very select and limited group of clients.  I am only going to be accepting one client per niche per city.

Last but not least, I going to give you  a money back guarantee that this will drastically improve your any results you have gotten from online marketing.

Ask yourself how this could impact your business.  Think about what having new clients coming on a regular basis will do for you business, your piece of mind, your bottom line.

What could being on the first page of Google or Bing or both do to your bottom line?

Like I said, one business per niche per city. First come first served.

Call, 307-459-1092 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST.  Please leave a message if we don’t answer. We have been getting rather busy as of late. And this is all white hat. If you do the right things in this business you can and will be rewarded.

Once I hit my number of clients, then this offer will be over.  Talk to you soon.

Andrew Anderson

The Simple Answer To Making More Money

How You Can Make More Money Starting Right Now

I hardly ever login to Linkedin and only do Facebook about once a week if that.  Plus, I  have been keeping my Twitter to a minimum these days which is a whole other blog post, but in my quarterly login to Linkedin, I came across one of what I think is one of the core truths about making money.

The first time I heard something similar, it stopped me in my tracks and here is what I distilled that rather shocking moment down to.

“The Key to being successful is to become great at what you are good at, not becoming mediocre at what you do poorly”- Andrew Anderson

And that my friend is pretty much the secret to making money in a nut shell.

If you every really want to get ahead, you need to figure out what you are good at and say to heck with the rest. Become the best that you can be at it.

Let people that love to do what you hate do it for you.  If you can pay someone to do laundry and it costs you less or even the same as what you love to do, let them do it.

Same goes with Yard work, and everything else.

When you do things you don’t like, you are not going to do them as fast or as well and it takes time from practicing and getting good at what will truly make you money.  The mind set may be foriegn to you, but it works.

When someone tells me they have a maid or domestic help, I think what a smart cookie. I used to think they were lazy or pretentious.  Shows you how truly ignorant I was.  They were actually smart and had a lot more money and free time than I did.  But I eventually figured it out.

Now you can too.

Andrew Anderson

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