HootSuite Interview #4 – Why You Really Should Be Using It…


HootSuite Helps You Conquer Social Media

HootSuites EasyAnderson.comBelow is the fourth interview I have done with Dave O over at Hootsuite. This all started when Hootsuite was just one of many Social Media tools and I decided to see if I could pick a winner and follow their success and growth. Also because I needed a great Social Media tool for myself and my clients.

Boy did I ever pick a winner with Hootsuite. They have come to dominate in the Social Media arena and branched out and made their tool even more valuable.

If you are online and in business, (OK can you not be online and in business?) then you will find that HootSuite can help you make more money period.

You can listen below as well as read the full text here or download a transcription of the interview as a pdf as well.

Easy Anderson

Hootsuite Interview www.EasyAnderson.com < PDF

Andrew: Hi, there everybody. This is Andrew Anderson and I have Dave O. from HootSuite on the line. Dave, how are you doing?

Dave: Great, man. I think this is my fourth time on the show. Do I get some special jacket or something now?

Andrew: You do, it’s in the mail and there are several other goodies. So, you should receive them any day now.

Dave: Wonderful man, well it’s great to be back to chronicle the continued adventures of HootSuite with you.

Andrew: Yes. A couple of topics today that I’d like to go over if you don’t mind with your permission, your international growth which is like it’s going through the roof; the app directory stuff that you’ve got going on and what’s with the Hoot ups?

Dave: Yes. Continue reading HootSuite Interview #4 – Why You Really Should Be Using It…