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How Little Business Owners Can Beat Big Companies At SEO and Marketing!

First off, we have been doing social media since the stone age, 1990 and watched it evolve and change and also stay the same since them. We have used it to promote our businesses and our clients. I mean you have to eat your own dog food right?


Social social media is just another tool that when used right that can be highly beneficial and when used wrong can cause injury to your business. Just like a good knife.

Easy Anderson’s Social Media Tips.

Tip #1. “Social Media like brushing your teeth works best when done daily” Even if you just spend 10 minutes a day on the various platforms, it beats spurts of effort.

Tip #2. ” Make sure you are tracking leads and business that come in from it. Otherwise, why bother?” This can be done easily by using a separate phone number and email that get you from Google for free so that you can tell how many calls and contacts you get, to asking where they heard about you, and offering coupon codes for any offers that you may have that you offer through Social Media.

Tip #3. ” Don’t sell on social media ” Just offer free advice so that people know that you know what the heck you are talking about” Figure out how to help them and they will automatically want to buy from you over time. Actually give a shit, don’t fake it.

Tip #4. ” Keep it simple and to the point” ” If people have to think to get your message, they will do neither” . Think great headlines and use pix whenever possible.

Tip # 5. ” Don’t worry about getting tons of likes or friends” We have found that well over 50% of all social media people are fake profiles set up by marketers or not ever used. With Twitter we estimate that it is over 60% that are not real, so take your numbers with a grain of salt.

Tip #6. ” Remember you are just renting space on Social Media platforms and you always want to be driving people to your site. You can lose your account for no good reason or the platform can go belly up. Can anyone say MySpace? So hook them with Social Media and then get them to sign up for your email list and at the very least, make sure your site can help them let you know that you can help solve their problems.

Tip #7. ” Be positive and helpful, and most importantly “REAL”. Follow these rules and you will get business if your product or service is decent.

Right now they are not talked about as much as the other, but if a business is actually looking to monetize their Social Media, Google+ and Linkedin blow away everything else by far, even though most of the Big Agencies don’t have a clue as to how to use them to make money for their clients. Which I think is GREAT! 🙂 Don’t you?

Dwolla- An Interview With The New Way To Pay For Things Online

Dwolla The Credit Card Killer With Easy Anderson

How Dwolla May Just May Be The Meteor That Makes Other Payment Methods Extinct For Many Business Transactions , Plus All Of Those High Fees Too!

This is an interview that I just did with Dwolla, which as far as I am concerned is a Credit Card killer. It might also take a big bite out of PayPal as well. If you do any business or transactions online or need to help support relatives by sending them money (kids, lazy in-laws etc 🙂 ) this is the way to go!

Why? Try no fee for sales under $10 and… Just have to listen or read the interview to find out more.

Oh, and of course, it is in my highly scripted and under control interview style that you all know! 🙂

All kidding aside, check this out. We are building apps for it right now and if you need help implementing it, please contact us. I LOVE this service!!! OK, here we go.

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Finding Funds And Places To Invest

Are you looking for money for your business? Are you an investor looking for a new high return investment vehicle? Well this might help you indirectly get in the Black and help you get funding or find a new investment. I put this quick survey together. Please take the time to answer the questions and I will discuss the results. You can also see the results once you answer the questions. This will help people see what I think is a huge need for financing for Entrepreneurs around the globe and a big investment opportunity for many people that have never thought about investing or loaning to small businesses before. Continue reading Finding Funds And Places To Invest

Featured In Fox Small Business

FoxBusiness News And Convert To WordPress.orgWell, good PR and Marketing is better than no PR and Marketing don’t you think? 🙂 Just wanted to get a yes out of you right up front here. The answer is yes of course!

So, the nice folks over at the Fox Business Website were kind enough to feature one of the companies that I helped start today and that is a great way to start off 2012.

The great thing that is now allows us to say is this.

“As Featured On Fox Business News” Continue reading Featured In Fox Small Business

Are You A Start Up And Need A Website?

Do You Have A Start Up And Need A Website?

We are actively looking for Start Ups that need a Website. There are a couple of things that we can offer you.

  • One, we have started over a dozen companies ourselves
  • We know what you you need to get you up and running as as quickly as possible
  • If you need a fast Demo site our turn-around times can make your head spin
  • We can build easy to complex sites and not let you go down a blind alley with design or functionality
  • We have financing available to help your cash flow! You can have a $40,000 site built for only $1,064 per month, a $20,000 site built for under $590 per month, a $10,000 site built for under $270 per month, or a $5,000 site built for less than $134 per month! Continue reading Are You A Start Up And Need A Website?

Social Media Marketing Spotlight with Scars On 45

Scars On 45

Scars On 45 on Twitter
Scars On 45 on Twitter

I went to go see a band play last night called Scars On 45.  You may have heard them on Gray’s Anatomy and they have a couple of songs out now that you may be hearing on the radio. Well, I am letting you know now that you should plan on hearing a lot more of them over the coming years.  They have the ability to be a break out band.

The reason that I am writing about them today is that in chatting with Chris who is their Drummer slash Social Media manager, I told them that I would give them a hand with getting the word out and this is the first part in doing that. We are going to follow their Social Media popularity and hopefully we can show you how to crush your Social Media like we are going to for Scars On 45.

Here is one of their songs.

And this one… Continue reading Social Media Marketing Spotlight with Scars On 45

Steve Jobs may you live on in bits and bytes everywhere

steve_jobsHave to say like many of you I was saddened more than words can say by the news that Steven Jobs has passed away.

While I never met him, I did see the genius of his shadow from close up. I came on board Apple to work on an ancillary project the very same week he was ousted from Apple. In fact I toured Apple headquarters the very next day and I have never walked by some many hundreds of people so eerily quite.

I ran into his shadow again in Ann Arbor when I got to play with the Genius that was the Next computer when it first came out. I remember I was the only one standing around the table with this wonderful machine.  I lost myself playing with just some of what it could do. The software back then was decades ahead of it’s time.  I could not believe what it was capable of…

Much of that software is the basis of all that is Apple today.

Then I was yet again astounded with what came out of Pixar.  I was taken to a magical place of animation that seemed as real as real life.

Then as the iPod and iPhone and finally the iPad came out, there could be no denying that he was one of a kind that only came along so very rarely.

You will be missed by millions of course and by this one man who got to see your shadow up close.

And you will touch even those who don’t appreciate how you have changed their lives for the better, made them happier, brighter, and eased their day as your shadow does indeed cover nearly the whole world.

May you live on in bits and bytes everywhere.

Andrew Easy Anderson