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How Little Business Owners Can Beat Big Companies At SEO and Marketing!

First off, we have been doing social media since the stone age, 1990 and watched it evolve and change and also stay the same since them. We have used it to promote our businesses and our clients. I mean you have to eat your own dog food right?


Social social media is just another tool that when used right that can be highly beneficial and when used wrong can cause injury to your business. Just like a good knife.

Easy Anderson’s Social Media Tips.

Tip #1. “Social Media like brushing your teeth works best when done daily” Even if you just spend 10 minutes a day on the various platforms, it beats spurts of effort.

Tip #2. ” Make sure you are tracking leads and business that come in from it. Otherwise, why bother?” This can be done easily by using a separate phone number and email that get you from Google for free so that you can tell how many calls and contacts you get, to asking where they heard about you, and offering coupon codes for any offers that you may have that you offer through Social Media.

Tip #3. ” Don’t sell on social media ” Just offer free advice so that people know that you know what the heck you are talking about” Figure out how to help them and they will automatically want to buy from you over time. Actually give a shit, don’t fake it.

Tip #4. ” Keep it simple and to the point” ” If people have to think to get your message, they will do neither” . Think great headlines and use pix whenever possible.

Tip # 5. ” Don’t worry about getting tons of likes or friends” We have found that well over 50% of all social media people are fake profiles set up by marketers or not ever used. With Twitter we estimate that it is over 60% that are not real, so take your numbers with a grain of salt.

Tip #6. ” Remember you are just renting space on Social Media platforms and you always want to be driving people to your site. You can lose your account for no good reason or the platform can go belly up. Can anyone say MySpace? So hook them with Social Media and then get them to sign up for your email list and at the very least, make sure your site can help them let you know that you can help solve their problems.

Tip #7. ” Be positive and helpful, and most importantly “REAL”. Follow these rules and you will get business if your product or service is decent.

Right now they are not talked about as much as the other, but if a business is actually looking to monetize their Social Media, Google+ and Linkedin blow away everything else by far, even though most of the Big Agencies don’t have a clue as to how to use them to make money for their clients. Which I think is GREAT! 🙂 Don’t you?

Happy Thanksgiving – The Real Story Of Thanksgiving

If you have never read this, you are in for a treat. While there has been much revisionist history concerning what Thanksgiving is and was all about, here is the REAL story. A hint (The triumph of Capitalism that saved the Pilgrims and therefore the US of A and you and me too!)

Here is the real story… Enjoy.. I have posted the short version and another longer one. Would love to hear what you think.

God Bless you and yours on this most splendorous of Truly American Holidays!

Andrew “Easy” Anderson

The Real Story Behind Thanksgiving

Did you know that the first [Plymouth Colony Pilgrim’s] Thanksgiving was a celebration of the triumph of private property and individual initiative? Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving – The Real Story Of Thanksgiving

How Would You Like To Be On The First Page Of Google?

Google Profit ConsultantI am breaking into the Vault of SEO tricks and am going to make a very, very limited offer.  If you have watched some of what I have presented over the past few years on SEO you have seen some of what I can deliver.

I am tired of the posers out there and it is beginning to piss me off quite frankly.

If you are a local business in virtually any town in the US. I mean a Plumber, Dentist, Plastic Surgeon, Baker, Hairdresser or pretty much any other business that could benefit from being on the first page of Google and other search engines in your town than you need to read this.

Have you spent thousand on Radio, TV, Newspapers or even on Google Ad Words with less than stellar results?

Well, being on the first page of Google in your town can blow away the results of all of those as well as using some of the other online marketing techniques that I will implement for you. Whatever results you have gotten online in the past, I am going to show you how to double them. I guarantee it.

If you would like to have new clients for your business on a steady basis and dominate your competition then this is for you.

I am going to be taking a very select and limited group of clients.  I am only going to be accepting one client per niche per city.

Last but not least, I going to give you  a money back guarantee that this will drastically improve your any results you have gotten from online marketing.

Ask yourself how this could impact your business.  Think about what having new clients coming on a regular basis will do for you business, your piece of mind, your bottom line.

What could being on the first page of Google or Bing or both do to your bottom line?

Like I said, one business per niche per city. First come first served.

Call, 307-459-1092 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST.  Please leave a message if we don’t answer. We have been getting rather busy as of late. And this is all white hat. If you do the right things in this business you can and will be rewarded.

Once I hit my number of clients, then this offer will be over.  Talk to you soon.

Andrew Anderson

George Bernard Shaw Quotes

George Bernard ShawI find great comfort in quotes. They often remind me very quickly of reality and can help me marshal my thoughts and appreciate a given situation.  Here are some by George Bernard Shaw and one of mine that I picked out for today.  I was reminded of him by one of my best friends today.  Aren’t friends great?

Hopefully one or more of these will ring true with you.  Let me know what you think!


Andrew Anderson

“A pessimist is a man who thinks everybody is as nasty as himself, and hates them for it.”
— George Bernard Shaw

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
— George Bernard Shaw

“Make it a rule never to give a child a book you would not read yourself.”
— George Bernard Shaw

“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”
— George Bernard Shaw Continue reading George Bernard Shaw Quotes

Texting Makes You Stupid And Costs You Money

Texting Makes You Stupid And Costs You Money

OK,  my friend’s 15 year old daughter Megan said this to me awhile ago and I realize how wise she is every day.

If you run a business, this is especially true. In Tony Schwartz’s book, The Power Of Full Engagement, he shows several studies that when you get interrupted by things like texts and emails that it takes you a full 20 minutes to get back to the mental focus that you had before you stopped what you were doing to check the text, email, im etc. Wow, does that suck or what?

Not only that, specifically when you are texting, because of the brevity, important details are often lost and misunderstandings occur on a regular basis.

How Much Texts Really Cost You

I am in the process of quantifying this, but in the studies I am doing right now with a couple of guinea pigs, each text looks like it costs somewhere between $20 to $300 in actual lost revenue and this is harder to quantify, but it could be over $500 to $1,000+ in lost opportunity costs.  Pretty cool!

How does that make you feel?

So, do yourself and your business a favor, and stop texting unless it is a freaking emergency. Because it does make you stupid even if you are not and it does hurt your bottom line whether you realize it or not.

Plus, if you really have to answer texts all day, you really need to rearrange how you are running your business. If you can’t disengage, you don’t have a business, you just have a job.

If I don’t answer your text, now you know why. 🙂


Profit Consultant - Andrew Anderson

Profit Consultant

The Lone Ranger Wasn’t

Lone Ranger Wasn’t Alone

Entrepreneur Mistakes 101

LikeTelevision Watch Movies and TV Shows

One of the biggest mistakes I see Entrepreneurs make is that they think that they can go it alone.  Let me clue you in. That is just plain wrong!  If you want to really grow and hit your full potential you you need a Tonto. You need a side kick and if you are really smart, several of them.  Not only the more the merrier, but the more the money you will make! A partner in crime not only works with your business, but with you life as well. Things just go better when you can fill in each others gaps and watch your partner’s back.

But, many of us are control freaks by nature and like doing stuff our own way.  Get over it. It does not work well that way.

You cannot do it all by yourself.  The easiest and hardest way to do that is to snag a partner or two.  When it works, it works great, when it does not work so well, it sucks really, really bad.

Good partners are like finding a good mate. It can be hard but there are techniques that you can learn and ways to go about doing so.  You may get luck on the first try or it may take some dating to find just the right one.

The other way to find your side kick is to hire them. I have people that I pay via profit sharing, and I also use PVA or Pooled Virtual Assistants.   PVA’s are a term I coined in my book The Muse Blueprint and I created the term and implemented it because I needed back up. So, I created a pool of Virtual Assistants and would assign items to the pool, and someone would get it done, it someone was not available, I had someone else available to get it done.

So whether you hire and partner up with someone or better yet several someones, you should do so as soon as you can.  It can and will make a big difference in your success.


Andrew Anderson

Profit Consultant

You Only Make Money When You Pull The Trigger

Profit Consultant Money Gun
Profit Consultant Money Gun

Pulling The Trigger = Making More Money

The vast majority of posts come from personal experiences that I am currently living. Well, here is one for you.

For most companies and you as a person, you really need to start pulling the trigger and then worry about aiming.

Read, aim, fire only applies to very few things…  one of them being 400 yard shots.

What most of you don’t realize is that you only hit something when you pull the trigger.

I Am Going To Let You In On A Secret Continue reading You Only Make Money When You Pull The Trigger

The 7 Ps – Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance


Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

I am bumping this post up yet again because I am reminded of the value and transcendental truth of this simple saying.

The first time I heard that adage from two young guys named Hollis and Carter, it was like someone slapped me upside the head and it was game changer for me.

As some of you may know, I have been involved in what has become a rather large software project that as they often do, is taking a bit longer to put together than we had hoped, yet is still on track for doing what we had planned it to do and more. In fact Beta is actually starting for real.  Mind blowing comes to mind.

What we planned for it to do is basically make everything that I had cussed various Web designers, Programmers and pieces software out for and make it easy to do for an amateur. That is make it easy to put together Websites, Blogs, Sales and Squeeze pages, and Shopping Carts for someone with no technical skills whatsoever.

Basically we wanted to give someone who’s sole technical skill was to check their email, the ability to create what normally only professional Website developers and Programmers could do at a huge cost, and on top of that, be able to do it in a few hours, not in a few days or weeks that it would take a Pro to do.

Guess what? We freakin pulled it off and I think it is going to be a game changer as far as how Websites, Blogs, Landing Pages, and profitable online businesses are put together.

My point about bringing this up is that this never could have happened had we not planned to do this at the outset. Regardless of how many people said it could never be done, if we had not properly planned it out, it would not have been brought into being and we would have ended up with just another piss poor piece of software.

The impact was so great on me personally perhaps  because in the Organization People Pattern(tm) of my Personality Language(tm) profile, I am a Free Spirit and I never used to like to really plan anything because it bugged the heck out of me. I know the reason why and it was mostly because I was rebelling against the rigid Structurists that were around me.

By the way, if you have not read the book Personality Language yet, I highly suggest it. It is kind of mind blowing as to what it will tell you about what makes you and others tick. I learned more in that book about basic human behavior than any other book that I have read. Continue reading The 7 Ps – Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Profit Quotes

“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait till you hire an amateur”- Red Adair

“What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things.”- Margaret Meade

“The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want.”- Ben Stein

“Most of what we say and do is not essential. If you can eliminate it, you’ll have more time, and more tranquility. Ask yourself at every moment, ‘Is this necessary?’”- Marcus Aurelius

“Decide upon your major definite purpose in life and then organize all your activities around it.”- Brian Tracy

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”- Field Marshal Ferdinand Foch

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.”- E. M. Forster

“Anyone can dabble, but once you’ve made that commitment, your blood has that particular thing in it, and it’s very hard for people to stop you.” – Bill Cosby

How To Communicate To Make More Money And Find The Love Of Your Life!

An interview with the author of the new book “Personality Language” Marilyne Woodsmall

(OK, I threw in the part about finding the love of your life but it is possible 🙂  )

I did this interview when this book first came out and I see that there a few people have picked on just how valuable this really is and are starting to teach it. But, why not get it from the Horse’s mouth so to speak instead.

Get comfortable and take a listen to an interview I did with the author of the new book Personality Language. Listen in as we discuss how using Personality Language can dramatically boost your profits.

This is a totally new way to reach not only new customers, but get a lot more sales from your existing customers.

I hope to have more chats with her about this mind-blowing new way to communicate with your customers and increase your profits.

We talk about how Personality Language and you will find out why you want to layout all of your Blog posts, Sales Letters, and Information Products this way if you want to have the most success with them and become profitable.

Marilyne Woodsmall and Wyatt Woodsmall, who are Human Success Modelers wrote this as a primer to introduce this new way of thinking. Continue reading How To Communicate To Make More Money And Find The Love Of Your Life!