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Measuring Success – The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Measuring Success

It has been awhile since we have looked at the basics of marketing and measurements.  As Peter Drucker said, “What’s measured improves”  and so it goes.

It does not matter if you are measuring SEO/SEM, or direct sales, or how many visitors you have to your site,  the fact that you are measuring it can really help.

What we have in a lot of cases is an in-depth dashboard that allows you to see what is going on every single day in nearly every metric we have in our business.

Are you doing this?  Do you even know what is going on in your business as far as daily cash flow, visitors, customers, amount per sale, profit per visit?  How about your SEO results?  Or your advertising results?

If not, you really need to do this asap. I even if it is nothing more than an excel spreadsheet.  We will be examining some ways to build your own dashboard for your business so you can see exactly what is going on.

What is amazing is that you would not think of getting in your car and driving it if your dashboard was a complete blank and you did not know how much gas you had or how fast you were going or being able to tell what gear you were in…. But almost every business I know of does this with their business. They do not have a real time dashboard allowing them to know exactly what is going on in their business.

We are going to help you take care of that here shortly.

Here is one of the first free tools that you can start using to help you.

Dashboard Spy.  Good resource to get you going.


Andrew Anderson


Get 10 Minutes Of Transcription For Free!

Transcription Services

Using A Transcription Service Makes You More Money

I get asked quite often what is the best way to easily add more to the bottom line and perhaps the easiest one of all is using a Transcriptionist instead of a typing things out yourself.

Why you might ask?  Well, it is because you already know how to talk and I bet you can’t type 100 words a minute.  Plus, you won’t make money when you are typing. You make money by doing whatever wonderful thing that you do that is unique and wonderful.

Think about this. The average person can speak 7,000 to 10,000 words per hour.  Bet you know some people that can blow those numbers away.  Some books only have 40,000 words in them.

So, in 4 or 5 hours you can get out the book you have always been thinking about writing! LOL

But really, it is about not wasting time on things that you are not good at and spending time on things that you are great at. That is how you make money.  It is not what they teach you in college or any type of schools for the most part. They always tell work on your weaknesses.

WRONG!!!! Continue reading Get 10 Minutes Of Transcription For Free!

How I Took Out My Car And Computer In 5 Seconds! Beat That!

Well, it has been one of those weeks with Murphy in full force.    I managed to take out my computer and my car each in less than 5 seconds since this last weekend.

While I knew it was possible,  I had just never done it myself.  While I was driving less than five mph, apparently that was 4 mph too fast when driving during a gully washer and you have a mini-creek in the middle of a suburban street, you can take out an alternator in one big splash.  Thank goodness for AAA.  Love you guys!!!! You Rock!

While chatting with a client on Skype from the comfort of my cushy chair, and swiveling around to grab a file, little did I know that by having the headset get stuck in said chushy swivel chart that you can pull over your computer that just so happened to have a 1 terabyte external hard drive on it where I store most of my work and my anti-virus software.  Said hard drive make a terrible noise and died with a spasm right after it hit the floor.

Can you say ARGGGHHHH…  That is when I figured out the limitations of my back up system.  Looks like it may be another two weeks to see what can be recovered.  And because I did not get my anti-virus reloaded to the main drive in the first hour, guess what? You guessed, 4 bazillion infections later. 🙂  The good news it was and is all contained.  But wow, what a pain in the butt. 🙂  But there is the 3 doozies for you.

Now of course if I had been using what we put our clients on I would have been fine but hey, that would have taken an couple of extra hours to do.

Guess what?  I have lost about 30 hours of productivity and counting now.

So, let this be a lesson to you.  Don’t drive in Torrential Downpours if you don’t have to.  Don’t put external hard drives anywhere they can fall off and make sure your back up systems are fully up-to-date!  Oh, and don’t go on the Web for even two seconds without Virus Protection.

Drowning your car and killing a hard drive and getting some viruses all officially and unofficially suck.

That being said, it won’t happen again and it could have been a whole lot worse.

I only have about 150 urgent emails to answer and if you are one of them, I will get back with you ASAP.

Andrew 🙂

Texting Makes You Stupid And Costs You Money

Texting Makes You Stupid And Costs You Money

OK,  my friend’s 15 year old daughter Megan said this to me awhile ago and I realize how wise she is every day.

If you run a business, this is especially true. In Tony Schwartz’s book, The Power Of Full Engagement, he shows several studies that when you get interrupted by things like texts and emails that it takes you a full 20 minutes to get back to the mental focus that you had before you stopped what you were doing to check the text, email, im etc. Wow, does that suck or what?

Not only that, specifically when you are texting, because of the brevity, important details are often lost and misunderstandings occur on a regular basis.

How Much Texts Really Cost You

I am in the process of quantifying this, but in the studies I am doing right now with a couple of guinea pigs, each text looks like it costs somewhere between $20 to $300 in actual lost revenue and this is harder to quantify, but it could be over $500 to $1,000+ in lost opportunity costs.  Pretty cool!

How does that make you feel?

So, do yourself and your business a favor, and stop texting unless it is a freaking emergency. Because it does make you stupid even if you are not and it does hurt your bottom line whether you realize it or not.

Plus, if you really have to answer texts all day, you really need to rearrange how you are running your business. If you can’t disengage, you don’t have a business, you just have a job.

If I don’t answer your text, now you know why. 🙂


Profit Consultant - Andrew Anderson

Profit Consultant

Hire Right The First Time Series – Part II Qualified Sameness

HIRE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME: Part II Qualified Sameness


By Marilyne Woodsmall



Remember that now more than ever, given the present state of the global economy, it is so critical in your hiring practice to choose the right job candidate who best matches the tasks to be performed. Employers cannot rely on traditional resumes and a person’s physical appearance in hiring the best people for specific jobs. Instead, when you use People Patterns™ in your hiring, you will save you time, money, and valuable resources. You will enhance your productivity since you will be hiring right the first time rather than wasting time looking for new people to replace bad hires the second time around.

Over twenty years ago, we created Profiling Plus™, our own behavioral assessment instrument that specifically targets hiring and personnel. This effective and practical behavioral tool is one that synthesizes our knowledge of behavioral change and typological research and models. In the context of these articles, we are simply focusing on one aspect of work. Continue reading Hire Right The First Time Series – Part II Qualified Sameness

Virtual Assistants – How To Use Them To Make A Lot More Money Or At Least Survive

Blodethinker If you are like many small businesses or individual Entrepreneurs out there, you are probably looking at ways to make more money or at least cut costs and increase productivity. Perhaps right now you are just looking for ways to survive and keep you and your business a float.

Outsourcing and using Virtual Assistants can be a key component to not just bringing more profit to your business, but in this new world economy, surviving and staying in business.

With more and more city, state, and federal regulations, taxes, and increased costs of benefits, and insurance, hiring a new employee is an expensive, time consuming, and outright scary undertaking these days. Plus let’s face it, It is a big pain in the butt most of the time as well.

The economy and the Government are making it harder and harder to succeed and both are treating businesses like Red Headed step-children and abusing them every time you turn around.

Small businesses with fewer than 20 employees spend an average of $10,585 per employee to comply with federal regulations. That’s $2,830, more, per employee, than it costs larger firms.

Now if that does not say it all, I don’t know what does.

Continue reading Virtual Assistants – How To Use Them To Make A Lot More Money Or At Least Survive

Why Not Being The Early Bird And Procrastination Can Make You A Lot Of Money

Early Bird www.21to21.comI swear,  over half of the Golden Rules were put out there by guys and gals with a huge sense of humor that I can truly appreciate.  Like the Early Bird Gets The Worm and all of the ones you have heard about Procrastination being a bad thing.

Whoever came up with them is still laughing their Butts off as they are trotted out by people like they are spun of Gold or something.  I also think they laid these out there to clear the field for them to swoop in and grab the profits from their less adroit competition.

I have seen a number of these recently on Facebook and Twitter with lots of accolades.

Well, let me give you something to think about before you swallow these axioms whole.  They are only correct in certain situations and they are totally wrong in many, many others. Especially those involving money. Continue reading Why Not Being The Early Bird And Procrastination Can Make You A Lot Of Money

At Last, How To Profit In This Economy Using Virtual Assistants Or VA’s

Virtual Assistants Allow You To Survive And Thrive

WomanMouse OK, let’s face it. In spite of everything the talking heads in DC say, they are not helping small to medium sized businesses at all. The largest spending bill in the History of the World has been a big flop.  Not that this is surprising to anyone that knows anything about History or Economics, but Oh well.  They have taken the Economy that was in the Ditch as they are found of saying and driven it Thelma and Louise style off the Cliff.

Point in fact, the more they say they are helping, the more we find out they are putting small and medium sized businesses in the cross hairs for shot to the head and extinction.  Perhaps never before in the history of the US do you have a more clueless bunch of Politicians when it comes to the Economy.

Although, I may take have to take that back as their is a growing consensus that they know exactly what they are doing and they are doing it on purpose and there is a stack of evidence pointing toward that view.  This is simply because that no one in their right mind would believe that you can spend and tax your way to prosperity.  So, therefore it is being done on purpose for control, socialism, and the redistribution of wealth.

We contend that for a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.
Winston Churchill

They tried this progressive stupidity when Churchill was around and it did not work back then, nor will it work now.  I think anyone with more than two brain cells realizes the spending on stupid things has to stop.

With that being said, if you want to stay in business, take care of your family and existing employees, or flat out just survive, you need to cut costs, increase efficiency, or better yet, figure out how to do both as fast as you can.  If you don’t, you won’t stick around for very long. And not to rain on the parade, but the biggest tax increase in history is coming in January and they specifically said they will not give small businesses a break.  Read about the tax hikes here.

The world knows this and has proven it today by pushing gold to the highest price in history. They voted with their money and there is no truer or less corrupt ballot than that.

So, how can you survive what is going on?

Virtual Assistants Or VA’s To The Rescue

One of the ways to do that is to use Virtual Assistants.  Why? Because hands down, the usually cost less than 25% to 80% than hiring an employee.  And with all of the new

Continue reading At Last, How To Profit In This Economy Using Virtual Assistants Or VA’s

Why Clients Suck And Customers Are Great!

Clients Suck And Customers Rock!Why Clients Suck And Customers Are Great!

OK, what the heck am I talking about here you are asking?  Well, over the past few years this has come become more and more clear for me.  My partners and I have had hours and hours of conversations about this and we have come to unanimous conclusion. Clients SUCK and Customers are GREAT.

Let me explain here and see if you agree.  I used to do a number of Websites for clients. This involved first educating them on the basics of what they needed to have for a profitable Website.  Then after that part of the process was over you get into the components and look and feel of the site.   In that most people are clueless when it comes to this, only about 1 to 2 out of every 10 clients actually could express exactly what they wanted and were flexible enough to understand that getting the site up and running first should be the main goal.

Then after the site is up, you then go back up and tweak it.  We have also came to the conclusion that in far too many cases the more you do for them, the less they appreciate it and place no value on it.  These are also the Clients that are the biggest pain in the butt.  I have on a couple of occasions dumped thousands of dollars into a site only to still get nothing but complaints from them while they never realized that they may have been the reason why it did not work out with the past 2 or 4 developers.

That is a Warning Sign too.  If they have tried several other people to do the same things an it did not work out, you really need to dig in and see what the scoop was. Now many times it could simply be they got incompetent people.  But in well over 60% of the cases in my experience, it is the customer that is the problem and not whoever did the previous work for them.  Be careful and do your homework here.

Plus, I have seen in many cases while you can wait for days for them to get you the information you need to move to the next step, even though the delays caused a train wreck to your schedule, they expect you to drop everything you are doing and get right back on their project.  They never realize nor care that it may have caused you a week’s delay and it may be another week or a month before you can put them back into your schedule.  They think that the customers that do what they are supposed when they are supposed to should suffer for their actions. Baloney, I won’t let that happen.

While most people don’t blink an eye when they pay their car mechanic $85 or $125 per hour to fix their car so it is reliable, they want a Website that is the basis of their business done for peanuts.  It is both laughable and sad at the same time.

The same goes for Marketing clients as well. Many don’t want to pay $5,000 to $10,000 for assistance that can make them hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars that year.  But, they will spend thousands on one stupid ad or marketing scheme or tool.  LOL

I have heard this from others in all stripes of businesses and niches.  Now again, not all Clients are like this, but day in and day out, enough are to have made me and my partners get rid of 99% of our Clients.  I will tell you about the exceptions here shortly.

Get Rid Of Your Clients And Turn Them Into Customers

What is the solution?  Get rid of your Clients and turn them into Customers.  What is the difference between a Client and a Customer? Continue reading Why Clients Suck And Customers Are Great!

How Not To Let Email And Other Ducks Peck You To Death

How To Not Let Email And Other Ducks Peck You To Death

Bad Ducks

As an Entrepreneur, we are all usually faced with too much to do and too little time to do it. I am sure that you know what I mean.

In the past year, I have gotten off track with letting the Ducks peck me a little by little until I realized because of some family matter that demanded even more of my time, that they were literally beginning to peck me to death.

Now the things is that I know better and point in fact point this out and hammer it home with my customers and even have a whole chapter devoted to this in my Book, Start On Monday.

There are however easy fixes for this and I have had to implement them because of literally some life and death matter.

The kicker is, that I should not have waited to that point to put a stop on it. Because it takes an unnecessary toll not only on you and your business, but your customers and loved ones as well.

Now this may meet resistance from not only your subconscious, but your customers as well.

The first area is emails. I have gone back to checking my emails to twice a week following the lead of Tim Ferriss in his book, The 4 Hour Workweek.

I am going to cover the three major ones and give you their Scientific Names as well.

The Email Duck – Quackus Alotus Toomuchus Continue reading How Not To Let Email And Other Ducks Peck You To Death