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At Last, How To Profit In This Economy Using Virtual Assistants Or VA’s

Virtual Assistants Allow You To Survive And Thrive

WomanMouse OK, let’s face it. In spite of everything the talking heads in DC say, they are not helping small to medium sized businesses at all. The largest spending bill in the History of the World has been a big flop.  Not that this is surprising to anyone that knows anything about History or Economics, but Oh well.  They have taken the Economy that was in the Ditch as they are found of saying and driven it Thelma and Louise style off the Cliff.

Point in fact, the more they say they are helping, the more we find out they are putting small and medium sized businesses in the cross hairs for shot to the head and extinction.  Perhaps never before in the history of the US do you have a more clueless bunch of Politicians when it comes to the Economy.

Although, I may take have to take that back as their is a growing consensus that they know exactly what they are doing and they are doing it on purpose and there is a stack of evidence pointing toward that view.  This is simply because that no one in their right mind would believe that you can spend and tax your way to prosperity.  So, therefore it is being done on purpose for control, socialism, and the redistribution of wealth.

We contend that for a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.
Winston Churchill

They tried this progressive stupidity when Churchill was around and it did not work back then, nor will it work now.  I think anyone with more than two brain cells realizes the spending on stupid things has to stop.

With that being said, if you want to stay in business, take care of your family and existing employees, or flat out just survive, you need to cut costs, increase efficiency, or better yet, figure out how to do both as fast as you can.  If you don’t, you won’t stick around for very long. And not to rain on the parade, but the biggest tax increase in history is coming in January and they specifically said they will not give small businesses a break.  Read about the tax hikes here.

The world knows this and has proven it today by pushing gold to the highest price in history. They voted with their money and there is no truer or less corrupt ballot than that.

So, how can you survive what is going on?

Virtual Assistants Or VA’s To The Rescue

One of the ways to do that is to use Virtual Assistants.  Why? Because hands down, the usually cost less than 25% to 80% than hiring an employee.  And with all of the new

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Your First Baby Step

The first Baby Step to finding, creating, or reshaping your Muse, Business, or Dream Job is to actually take the first Baby Step. Take the first step and then follow through. Seriously! This actually came as a big revelation to me quite some time ago, as it does for many others.

I get lots of people that ask me, “so, how do I make money online?” Well, what are you selling? What does your order button look like? Do you have a blog?

About 90% give me a blank look for a second and then sharp ones start to laugh. It really is that simple. Build it, make it, create it, give people a way to purchase it, and that is how you make money! Continue reading Your First Baby Step

Money Magnet or Crap Magnet?

Are you a Money Magnet or a Crap Magnet?

This is an excerpt from my soon to be released book, “Start On Monday” which should be out within the next 10 days.

I thought you might enjoy it.


Are you a Money Magnet or a Crap Magnet?


OK, I am putting this in the front of the book so that we can get things set up for the rest of the book from an attitude perspective.

I am going to make an observation here about what may be currently going on in your life and also what you need to do to become wealthy, or at least much better off than you are currently (if you are not already wealthy).

Much of this thought process is pulled from Harv Eker’s wonderful book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”. If you have not read it, do yourself, your significant other and those you love a big, big favor, and go out and get it and read it tonight. Here is a link for it. After reading please let me know what you think.

I am going for a much abbreviated version here and I know there are days where we all do some of the below to a certain extent but, if this is your main mode of thinking you need to do some serious soul searching.

Rich people Create their own life and poor people believe that Life just happens to them.

Poor people, I am talking mind, body, spirit, and wallet here are victims by nature. Rich people are not. What you focus on tends to expand and therefore victims create there life in which they are constant victims and Rich people tend to get Richer. Go Figure! 🙂 Continue reading Money Magnet or Crap Magnet?