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Visual Dictionary

Here is a pretty cool new tool that you may not have seen before. It is a visual dictionary and it is pretty darn good actually. It is much better than the one you have to pay for online. You will have to move the bar over to the the right, but try typing in ” Capitalist” in and see what happens. Then hover you mouse over the words.

They also have a Thesaurus.

Here is a direct link.

Enjoy and I hope your week is profitable.

Andrew “Easy” Anderson

Get 50% More Sales….. An Interview With The Author Of The New Book “Personality Language” Marilyne Woodsmall

Add 50% Or More To Your Sales….. An interview with the author of the new book “Personality Language” Marilyne Woodsmall.

I did this interview when this book first came out and I see that there a few people have picked on just how valuable this really is and are starting to teach it.  But, why not get it from the Horse’s mouth so to speak instead.

Get comfortable and take a listen to an interview I did with the author of the new book Personality Language.  Listen in as we discuss how using Personality Language can dramatically boost your profits.

This is a totally new way to reach not only new customers, but get a lot more sales from your existing customers.

I hope to have more chats with her about this mind-blowing new way to communicate with your customers and increase your profits.

We talk about how Personality Language and you will find out why you want to layout all of your Blog posts, Sales Letters, and Information Products this way if you want to have the most success with them and become profitable.

Marilyne Woodsmall and Wyatt Woodsmall, who are Human Success Modelers  wrote  this as a primer to introduce this new way of thinking. Continue reading Get 50% More Sales….. An Interview With The Author Of The New Book “Personality Language” Marilyne Woodsmall

The Cobbler Who Wears Flip Flops :)

Massive Online Profits Flip Flops

The Cobbler Who Wears Flip Flops

That is exactly how I feel these days.  🙂  Have you ever been there?  Have you just been so busy with clients and other people you don’t have time to work on your own projects?

While I have been mostly concentrating on some totally mind-blowing SEO / Traffic systems I am integrating into a new software project I am about to share with you,  I am slowly putting this site together so that it is an “appealing, take action kind of site” and not something the cat brought home.

If you have watched my Massive Online Profit videos, you are seeing a small sliver of the kind of things I am working on.

So is better than a lot of sites out there? Sure, but it is only about 85% there and it will be much, much better.  What it does not do is really showcase any of the Web Design skills I have or that are in house.   But as I said before, I have been mostly using it for SEO / Traffic research and will continue to do so but, it will get better looking here shortly.

I am not sure if I mentioned this, but I am using the Beta Version of  LaunchBox Pro software that my partners and I have been working on for about 8 months now.    While it may not be apparent yet, it is by far the easiest, most powerful Website / Blog building platform I have ever used, with nothing even coming close.

launchbox Pro the total WordPress Solution Continue reading The Cobbler Who Wears Flip Flops 🙂

2 Tips That Can Increase Your Profits By 30% To 300%

Here are two things that if you follow through and use them, you won’t have to worry about your competition. Because if they are not using these two simple things and I can almost guarantee they are not, you can leave them in the dust.  Watch the video and find out how can gain an advantage for those that don’t use them is virtually impossible for them to overcome.

Let me know if you can see how you can use these 2 tips to increase your profits by 30% to 300%.  By the way, the numbers I use in the video are accurate.

Its 3:25 AM And I Am Still Working

Its 3:25 AM And I am still working and I must say I am psyched.  I have just had one of those marathon sessions where you get more done in 7 hours than you can in 5 days sometimes.  If you have experienced this, you know what I am talking about.  Got to love being ADD and OCD, and ADHD all at once.  🙂

If you don’t know what I am talking about, you have no idea as to what you are missing.

I will keep this short and post more later today after I get some sleep but I am going to post a couple of Kernels that I absolutely know are going to help you kick start what you are doing online and I have decided to share with you a couple of big secrets that I use to get things done and put profit in my pocket so that you can put money in your pocket.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I am going to cut this short. That plus all of a sudden I am extremely sleepy.  Just think Guerilla Marketing and eating Chocolate.

OK, talk to you later.

5 Things You Can Do Today To Increase Your Profit And Productivity By 40%

5 things

5 Things that you can do today to increase your productivity by 40%

Above are the 5 things that you can incorporate into your daily routine that can easily increase your productivity by 40%. The reason I know this is possibly is because I have done it. And actually, my increase was quite a bit more than that to tell you the truth.   I actually  incorporated some other things as well that I will do another post on at a later time, but these 5 I have found can have a profound impact on virtually anyone that tries them for just one day, let alone one week.

Increase My Productivity BY 40%

1. Write out what I “HAVE” to get done the night before.  There are numerous studies backing this up in that when you actually write or type something out, it changes the way it is stored in your brain.  I and others have also noticed that once you write something down, it lets your sub-conscious have a go at it and results often pop full formed in my noodle first thing in the morning.  This technique has been recommended by a lot of people from the great motivator and human behavior modeler Napoleon Hill onward to present day writers.

2. Check Emails Only 3 times a day. I dare you to actually count and keep track of how much time you spend checking your emails.  You will probably be surprised and appalled. It is not only the time you spend checking them, but the break in concentration that it takes to do so.  This one thing alone can help you hit the 40% increase in productivity.  You can use this online stop watch to actually track the time.  It is a great tool that I often use.

3. Use or other Transcription Services for Blogs, Memos, and Web Content. You can get up to 8,000 words or up to 20+ Blog posts transcribed for about 99 cents a piece!  You can get 1 hour of Audio transcribed for only $19.99 over there as an introductory rate.  But, even if you pay twice that, you can increase your productivity easily by 40% using Transcription services.  If you don’t have the audio recording software, the one I like the best and it is free is Audacity. It works on Windows and Macs.

4. Figure out which things are going to make me the most money and concentrate on them. While this may seem like a no brainer, and I am not sure who said this but, “most people are too busy to ever become wealthy” is true and not busy in a good way.  If you cut out even 50% of the BS that you do every day that has nothing to do with you making more money, you will be amazed at the results.  The old 80/20 rule or Pareto principle comes into play.  80% of the money you make comes from only 20% of what you do.  Figure out what the 20% really is and drop the other stuff!

5. Write down a Mind Map of what I will get done this year using . This again comes back to number 1.  But this is a bigger picture and unsurprisingly less than 1% of all people ever write down and map out what they want to accomplish financially, business wise, or even for the personal life.  Yet, over 90% of all successful people have a written plan that they consult on a regular basis.

The reason why I like Bubbl is because it is easy to use and it is free. You can even embed mind maps like this one in Web Pages and Blogs and share them in various way.  Plus, you can have other people collaborate with you on them too.

The bottom line is that it is easy to become complacent with your time, but it is the one thing that you can control that can make the most impact on your productivity and your life.

Try these 5 things out and let me know how it works out for you.  If you have some other great tips, I would love to hear about them.

You can use your mouse to manipulate the mind map below. Try right clicking and dragging and using your scroll button.

Best of luck to you!


Andrew Anderson

A Complete Reprint of P.T. Barnum’s Classic Book “Art Of Money Getting” For Free!

P.T. Barnum

Art Of Money Getting

I am making a copy of “Art Of Money Getting” By P.T. Barnum available to download in PDF format for FREE. This is from a post I did awhile ago, but I thought it worth mentioning again. It is worth rereading on a regular basis.

In the video I go over some of the highlights in the book. Click To Watch Video and it looks best in Full Screen Mode. Just hover in the lower right hand corner and clickthe Box. Hit ESC to come back to regular mode.

I am making’s reprint of P.T. Barnum’s classic book “Art Of Money Getting” available here for free in PDF format. Continue reading A Complete Reprint of P.T. Barnum’s Classic Book “Art Of Money Getting” For Free!

Google Confirms (Again) That Breadcrumb Navigation Can Help Your Site Ranking

Google Confirms (Again) That Breadcrumb Navigation Can Help Your Site Ranking

Breadcrumb Navication

Google has once again confirmed that Breadcrumb Navigation can help your page ranking.  What is funny is that I have been meaning to do a blog post on this for sometime now.  They actually officially came out with this in a 2008 PDF document that they released.

You can get the document for free when you sign up for my newsletter over there in the right hand column… hint, hint.  It is full of goodies directly from Google on how to get better page rankings.

I have used this in my previous sites but have only just got around to doing so on this site.  If you see my previous posts, this site is a work in progress with most of the things going on behind the scenes as it were.  Do as I say, not as you see here is my current motto.  🙂 Continue reading Google Confirms (Again) That Breadcrumb Navigation Can Help Your Site Ranking

Want To Get Great Search Rankings? Latent Semantic Indexing

I am updating this post.  While I would love to show you some results of this, the only thing that I will say at the moment is that this had helped me get several from page listings simultaneously on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  But remember, you have to have great relevant content first and foremost.  Content really is King, and Queen and every other piece on the board.


If you are a regular reader here, you know that I don’t often recommend too many products and when I do, they are only the best of the best.  And if you are into getting your site ranked high in searches and if you are in business, this should  be one of your priorities, then I have something to share with you.

Most of your have probably never heard of Dr. Andy Williams, but you here is why you should get to know him and Colin McDougall for that matter.  More on Colin later.

He has what I consider the best tools out there to help you with search rankings.  It is not a gimmick, or trick, or black hat junk,  but some very advanced scientific analyzing software to find out what you need to do to help get your ranked for certain search terms using latent semantic indexing and giving Google, and Yahoo exactly what they want and need to rank you higher. Continue reading Want To Get Great Search Rankings? Latent Semantic Indexing

WordPress Profits Video 1 – An Introduction To WordPress

WordPress Introduction:  WordPress Profits Video #1


This actually the first video in the series where I take you through the Why, What, How, and What If of WordPress. In other words, I show you why you need to be using this for your Blogs and Websites and how to use it profitably.  Plus, I show you how to get WordPress installed for FREE.

This for new users and those of you that are already using WordPress.  I show you some tips and tricks that you have more than likely never seen before.

This video is best viewed in Full Screen mode. Just click in the lower right hand corner and when you want to leave full screen mode, just hit escape.

Continue reading WordPress Profits Video 1 – An Introduction To WordPress