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HootSuite Interview #4 – Why You Really Should Be Using It…


HootSuite Helps You Conquer Social Media

HootSuites EasyAnderson.comBelow is the fourth interview I have done with Dave O over at Hootsuite. This all started when Hootsuite was just one of many Social Media tools and I decided to see if I could pick a winner and follow their success and growth. Also because I needed a great Social Media tool for myself and my clients.

Boy did I ever pick a winner with Hootsuite. They have come to dominate in the Social Media arena and branched out and made their tool even more valuable.

If you are online and in business, (OK can you not be online and in business?) then you will find that HootSuite can help you make more money period.

You can listen below as well as read the full text here or download a transcription of the interview as a pdf as well.

Easy Anderson

Hootsuite Interview < PDF

Andrew: Hi, there everybody. This is Andrew Anderson and I have Dave O. from HootSuite on the line. Dave, how are you doing?

Dave: Great, man. I think this is my fourth time on the show. Do I get some special jacket or something now?

Andrew: You do, it’s in the mail and there are several other goodies. So, you should receive them any day now.

Dave: Wonderful man, well it’s great to be back to chronicle the continued adventures of HootSuite with you.

Andrew: Yes. A couple of topics today that I’d like to go over if you don’t mind with your permission, your international growth which is like it’s going through the roof; the app directory stuff that you’ve got going on and what’s with the Hoot ups?

Dave: Yes. Continue reading HootSuite Interview #4 – Why You Really Should Be Using It…

Social Media Marketing Spotlight with Scars On 45

Scars On 45

Scars On 45 on Twitter
Scars On 45 on Twitter

I went to go see a band play last night called Scars On 45.  You may have heard them on Gray’s Anatomy and they have a couple of songs out now that you may be hearing on the radio. Well, I am letting you know now that you should plan on hearing a lot more of them over the coming years.  They have the ability to be a break out band.

The reason that I am writing about them today is that in chatting with Chris who is their Drummer slash Social Media manager, I told them that I would give them a hand with getting the word out and this is the first part in doing that. We are going to follow their Social Media popularity and hopefully we can show you how to crush your Social Media like we are going to for Scars On 45.

Here is one of their songs.

And this one… Continue reading Social Media Marketing Spotlight with Scars On 45

Twitter – What Is Really Going On

twitter blue glossOK, the latest stats by they guys over at Popular Mechanics show that 41 percent of your Twitter followers are Bots or fictitious people, and 41 percent are real people and 18 percent are real companies.

How is that for some stats?   Now I am extrapolating here, but I suspect that the numbers are about the same for Facebook as well.

So, if you want to get 20.000 real followers you need to get about 50,000 followers.

Do with this info as you will.


Andrew Easy Anderson

99.5 Percent Of Social Media Experts Are Clowns

Internet Experts Usually Aren’t!

This extends to all Internet “Xperts” as I like to call them. Same for offline ones too! And I am not just talking about the newbies here. Everyone is a clown when you first start out, even me. Yes, I blew up clients and myself several times. But you dust yourself off, repair the damage and learn and improve.

But the vast majority of the people in Social Media right now do not know their rear end’s from first base. And I am talking the Big Boy PR firms and the like.

Got to love Gary Vaynerchuk and I could not agree with him more.

And this is a continuation…

And finally this response to some of the feedback from the first video.

Profit Consultant - Andrew Anderson

Social Media Mangers – Schmedia Managers

Social Media Mangers – Schmedia Managers

twitter blue gloss

OK, having a Social Media Manger seems to be in Vogue these days.  I have seen the ads for some of them with absolutely ludicrous requirements.  I know I have been laughing my ass off just reading the want ads for them and you can bet Gary Vaynerchuk is as well.  I want to share some of the joy with you here.

First off, the biggy seems to be a Journalism Degree or even better yet an MBA.  Really?  How or why that one is relevant is beyond me and actually it is totally irrelevant as I will show you.

What they should be asking is, do you have the ability to communicate in 140 characters or less and do you send out a minimum of 1,000 to 5,000 texts a month? This one is obvious as Twitter is a huge part of social media.

Here at two sample out takes from ads that are laughable.  These are from a REAL ads… LOL

Completion of an advanced degree (e.g. MA, MPH, MJ, MBA) and six (6) or more years of relevant experience

* 7+ years traditional media experience working for industry-leading company with significant media budgets in the area of digital marketing.

Wow, since Twitter has only been around for 3 years and Facebook did not really get going until about 2007 tell me how you pull off that 6 or more years of relevant experience ?   This is not traditional media either. Can you say Clueless?

Continue reading Social Media Mangers – Schmedia Managers

HootSuite Interview

HootSuite and  Profit ConsultantsThis is an interview I just did with Dave Olson at HootSuite.  I interviewed Dave last April when HootSuite was still a little owl, but growing fast. Now they have over 1.4 million users.

Listen to what has happened at what I consider the best Social Media management tool and learn how you can use HootSuite to help you make more money, stay engaged with your customer base, and learn from the Secret Sauce that HootSuite is using that has lead them to dominate their market in less than a year.


Andrew Anderson

Here is a link to sign up for HootSuite and get a free account or you can click on the image above or below. If you are a business, you really should look at signing up for the pro service at only $5.99 per month! It is the only way I use to manage my social media for myself and clients. I am also an affiliate too. Which as you know if you are a regular reader of mine, just how rare this is as I always drink my own Kool Aid.

Click the play button to listen to the interview or download the mp3.


HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

Interview With Dave Olson Of HootSuite

Andrew: (Laughter) Yeah, okay. Hello, this is Andrew Anderson and I’ve got Dave with HootSuite on the interview here, and we haven’t spoken in, gosh I think it’s been 8 or 9 months or so. And quite a bit has changed. Um, the one thing that hasn’t changed is I’m still a big fan of HootSuite. I still think it’s the best social media tool that any business can use out there. And, point in fact, I became an affiliate, so I think I’ve sold a couple of subscriptions for you guys and I’m also a paying user of them and as everyone knows, if I don’t like something I won’t talk about it and I will not use it. So, that will set the stage for Dave Olson here and we’ll let you rip. Um, so you guys since we last spoke, um, you’ve surpassed a million users I believe. Is that correct?

Dave: Yeah. You know, it’s been a wild year since we spoke last, and it feels like every week we’re pushing out some exciting announcement and even as equally exciting, we’re finding ourselves in the middle of world affairs and business successes and all sort of stuff. So, it’s a real wild ride. We’re up to about 1.3 million users now and adding at a great pace every day. And it’s also really exciting that these users are coming from all around the world. Continue reading HootSuite Interview

Companies That Offer Great Customer Service And Those That Do Not Exist Anymore…

Customer ServiceWant to know why in the very near future  there are going to be companies that offer Great customer service and those that do not exist anymore?

For those of you that know the answer, it is easy and for those of you that do not, you really need to pay attention here.

It is simple. The answer is just two words, Social Media…

profit consultant facebookBecause of Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites out there, good news and bad news is going to not only travel fast, but in volumes and with ease like has never been seen before other than perhaps when our grandparents lived in small towns and everyone knew what was going on almost immediately. Continue reading Companies That Offer Great Customer Service And Those That Do Not Exist Anymore…