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Social Media Marketing Spotlight with Scars On 45

Scars On 45

Scars On 45 on Twitter
Scars On 45 on Twitter

I went to go see a band play last night called Scars On 45.  You may have heard them on Gray’s Anatomy and they have a couple of songs out now that you may be hearing on the radio. Well, I am letting you know now that you should plan on hearing a lot more of them over the coming years.  They have the ability to be a break out band.

The reason that I am writing about them today is that in chatting with Chris who is their Drummer slash Social Media manager, I told them that I would give them a hand with getting the word out and this is the first part in doing that. We are going to follow their Social Media popularity and hopefully we can show you how to crush your Social Media like we are going to for Scars On 45.

Here is one of their songs.

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Twitter – What Is Really Going On

twitter blue glossOK, the latest stats by they guys over at Popular Mechanics show that 41 percent of your Twitter followers are Bots or fictitious people, and 41 percent are real people and 18 percent are real companies.

How is that for some stats?   Now I am extrapolating here, but I suspect that the numbers are about the same for Facebook as well.

So, if you want to get 20.000 real followers you need to get about 50,000 followers.

Do with this info as you will.


Andrew Easy Anderson

Social Media Mangers – Schmedia Managers

Social Media Mangers – Schmedia Managers

twitter blue gloss

OK, having a Social Media Manger seems to be in Vogue these days.  I have seen the ads for some of them with absolutely ludicrous requirements.  I know I have been laughing my ass off just reading the want ads for them and you can bet Gary Vaynerchuk is as well.  I want to share some of the joy with you here.

First off, the biggy seems to be a Journalism Degree or even better yet an MBA.  Really?  How or why that one is relevant is beyond me and actually it is totally irrelevant as I will show you.

What they should be asking is, do you have the ability to communicate in 140 characters or less and do you send out a minimum of 1,000 to 5,000 texts a month? This one is obvious as Twitter is a huge part of social media.

Here at two sample out takes from ads that are laughable.  These are from a REAL ads… LOL

Completion of an advanced degree (e.g. MA, MPH, MJ, MBA) and six (6) or more years of relevant experience

* 7+ years traditional media experience working for industry-leading company with significant media budgets in the area of digital marketing.

Wow, since Twitter has only been around for 3 years and Facebook did not really get going until about 2007 tell me how you pull off that 6 or more years of relevant experience ?   This is not traditional media either. Can you say Clueless?

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How To Get 1,021 New Targeted Twitter Followers Guaranteed

twitter Followers Profit Consultant

If you are looking for complete Twitter management or just want to jump start your targeted followers, I can help.  This can include Geo Targeting (a fancy way of saying by location).

You can now get at 1,021 targeted followers for only $79 as an introductory special. This includes scheduling and sending out your Tweets for one month.  Get your Social Media and high gear and learn how to not only get new customers, but stay in touch with existing ones.

If you aren’t aboard yet, you need to be now. Social Media is as necessary as email. That is unless you want your competition to clobber you and eat your lunch.

I can also help get you set up with a management account to make it easier for you to keep track of communications with your followers.