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Colors That Sell

Colors That Sell or the alternative title – Colors That Sell Shit… i.e. that make you a profit, put money in your pocket, allow you to live your dreams. Now this started off tongue in cheek, but it is serious too.

If you are watching the video, please disregard all of the Ums and Aas in there. I just listened to it and jeeze.. who is that guy talking. But, here again it goes back to my my 80% rule, 80% and out there will beat going for 100% and never getting done every single time. Continue reading Colors That Sell

We Have Two Winners! Do You Know Of A Non-Profit That Could Use A GREAT Website Built For Free?

Non Profit Website

A Free Website For A Non-Profit

Do you know of a great Non-Profit that could use a new $2,500 to $10,000 website for free?

We are looking to donate up to three complete Websites with every bell and whistle in the book if need be including hosting for a year for Free.

I am proud to announce that we have found two non-profits that we are going to be helping. They are which helps Children with Cancer and which helps raise awareness of people with mental illness.

We are so glad that that we will be helping these two very worthy causes.

There is still one more spot left at this time. Continue reading We Have Two Winners! Do You Know Of A Non-Profit That Could Use A GREAT Website Built For Free?

A Profitable Website

A Profitable Website

This video is best viewed in full screen mode. Click on the icon to the right of the speaker icon above.

I will be doing another video going over the basics of what you need and of course, WordPress is the only content managements system that I recommend these days.

WordPress currently powers 8.7% of all Websites.
WordPress currently powers 56% of all Websites that have CMS or a Content Management System.

You need to be using CMS and WordPress. This should be your Website if you want to make money. If you don’t have a Blog and update your content on a regular basis, you are losing customers, money, and you are getting killed on Search Engine Placement.

Here is the link to the Tour Page with the Buttons That I speak about in the Video as well as a few other sites.

And if you are willing to be a Guinea Pig, you can pre-order the Software that we used to build the sites for only $77 a month and you get a 30 day free trial. No contracts, no commitments. Not only that, but you will get a Shopping Cart, Up-sells, Coupon Codes, an Affiliate Program, a Membership Program,and an Auto-Responder built in as well. Plus other great good surprises. (and yes, I will get around to putting in a fancy button here too, but the most important thing is to have a way for people to give you money. You can sign up for out Beta launch of LaunchBrain by going clicking on the image below. Make sure you put in 21 in the Invited By box.

OK, I am going to go over some of the basics that you need to have no matter what, as well as a number of things that I see big companies and even well know Web Gurus are doing wrong with their Websites in the next video.

These are easily correctable and often overlooked.

Also, for those of you interested, if you don’t feel up to doing a site like the ones I show you in the video, we can do ones like them from turn key (you have to provide the content, although we can create it for a fee if you want) from $1,490 to about $4,900 for most small business sites. Larger sites are more of course. But typically, we are 1/2 to 1/3rd the cost of other solutions. We can also provide turnkey solutions on a monthly basis as well. If you are interested, just contact me and we will get you taken care of right away. Also, we can convert your existing Website to WordPress and LaunchBrain so that it is easy to use and maintain and help make it profitable.

Andrew Anderson

How To Stop The Oil Spill, A Solution That Can Work In Just A Few Days

BP Oil Spill imageI have always had the utmost confidence in American Entrepreneurs.  They have proven in the past when left alone and given have a chance that they can solve any problem thrown at them on earth.

They truly are some of the best and brightest problems solvers in the World.

But for some reason, they are only unleashed on solving big problems by Bureaucracies that don’t understand them or like them because the Entrepreneurs don’t play by the rules when the Bureaucrats are up against the wall.

The Oil Spill Could Be Stopped In A Matter Of Days

Bureaucrats and Entrepreneurs are two totally Alien species to one another.  One, wants to control all things by placing rules, regulations, stipulations and ordered lists and check boxes on everything they touch or see, while the other makes the rules up as they go and solves problems without any need or regard for how things are supposed to be done.

Here is a Viable Solution to the Oil Spill that could stop it in just a matter of days from one of the smartest Entrepreneurs on the Planet. The big question is will the Bureaucrats let him give it a shot and fix it, or will millions of gallons of oil keep polluting the Earth while they figure out what check boxes and regulations they have to put in place first?

Continue reading How To Stop The Oil Spill, A Solution That Can Work In Just A Few Days

WordPress 3.0, Drupal, Joomla,Typepad,Posterous,Vignette And A Reptile

Is a Chameleon In Your Future?

There are a lot of choices today in the world of Websites and Blogs for your business.   The tough part is choosing the right one for your business that will make you money and not cost you an arm and a leg.

Having worked the nearly every platform out there today, the choice has gotten easier than ever before and there has been a clear winner for quite sometime now and the general business world is finally finding out about it and the winner is……

WordPress by half a lap!

With the latest release of WordPress 3.0, WordPress has extended it’s lead far ahead of the other platforms out there.  Even with the heavy duty expert system like Vignette that would cost around $250,000 to build a full blown site, you can now duplicate the same functions for 1/2 to 1/5 the price and have a much easier user interface and do it in 1/3rd the time. Continue reading WordPress 3.0, Drupal, Joomla,Typepad,Posterous,Vignette And A Reptile

Pop Ups – Do They Bug You Too? Post Them Here!

Do Pop Ups Annoy You Too?

OK, Pop Ups annoy me.  I know that they can used to make you money but I am not convinced they do any more. Because as I have noted, when I go to a site, usually as sales site, I try and leave the page. If they have one, I don’t bother ready the rest of it accept on very rare occasions.

I put them on my you just wasted a couple seconds of my life list and I don’t want to have anything to do with whatever you are selling list.

Pop Ups are kind of like the Disco Balls, they were really cool for a little while, but if you put them everywhere they are a bit annoying and it is like having one in your office to show how “cool” you are. Continue reading Pop Ups – Do They Bug You Too? Post Them Here!

Like the site?

Let me know what you think of the new site design.  Thinking about adding a bit of color, but just wanted to know what you thought.


Just a tad of color.  My partner Craig had a cow when I showed him some of these. 🙂

Common Sense Marketing

Common Sense Marketing… Really?

Commons Sense Marketing is one of those subjects that when people hear it, they either roll their eyes or get really excited about it.  The kicker is that Commons Sense Marketing is really uncommon.

But, Common Sense Marketing when applied and done right can vault you past your competition, past any goals that you may have set for yourself, and put money in your bank account for the rest of your life.

You want to know what is for freaking cool about it?  It is so UnCommon, it is not even funny! Very few people use it.

Common Sense Marketing Is An Oxymoron

Seriously, Common Sense Marketing is an oxymoron.  I would say that less than 1/10th of 1% of any business I see actually follow and use it in all parts of their business.

This is true even with the bigger companies as well.  The ones that spend millions of dollars on an Ad Agency who’s site is so avant garde (which I think is really French for” I am so cool that I am an idiot or my farts don’t stink.” I forget which)  that it looks like vomit.

I would show you a couple of them but I may end up working with them in the future… LOL   Just look around the Web, or on TV, or in any magazine and you will see what I am talking about here Ad wise.   I just want to go up to them and and say, “it may be cool that you can use all of the flashy stuff, and be vague about what you are actually trying to sell and  to show your are hip and cool you are but, “hey” it still looks like vomit to the average Joe and Joette out there.  Get a friggin clue.

That being said, Common Sense Marketing has become rather important to me recently and I will explain why over the coming weeks and months.  I am going to show you why it is going to become important to you as well.

Why You Need Common Sense Marketing

I will give you one of the reasons why right now and I will also make a prediction.

Those of you that start using or using more Common Sense Marketing are going to thrive and prosper. Those of you that don’t will go out of business.  Maybe not right away, but soon.

How is that for a reason? Continue reading Common Sense Marketing

Colors That Sell

Dark text in a light background will out sell light text on a dark background 2 to 1 or more.  Don’t go dark if you want to make any money.  It is OK, for calling attention to things, but not your over-all look and feel where text is involved.

Keep your Blogs and Websites light, and you and your bank accounts will be all right.

[contentbox align=”center” width=”460″ marginleft=”40″ margintop=”5″ marginbottom=”0″ padding=”5″ border=”001526″ borderwidth=”1″ bgcolor=”0000bf” corners=”10″ flareshadow=”400″]

Light Text On A Dark background when used right can bring attention to things, but don’t use it everywhere.[/contentbox] Continue reading Colors That Sell

Colors That Sell Shit

Colors That Sell Shit…   i.e. that make you a profit, put money in your pocket, allow you to live your dreams.  Now this started off tongue in cheek, but it is serious too.

If you are watching the video, please disregard all of the Ums and Aas in there.  I just listened to it and jeeze.. who is that guy talking. But, here again it goes back to my my 80% rule, 80% and out there will beat going for 100% and never getting done every single time.

OK, well I started this off a bit tongue and cheek and then once I thought about it, it got more serious. One of my partners in a back and forth email to one of my other partners said and I quote We need to find the best colors for selling shit. But as Frank Kern says,  the goal of everyone should get people to ” Buy Your  Shit Man” and when it comes right down to it, Ryan and Frank are right in spades.

Also, this is a little exercize in SEO that I will tell you about later….


Red brings arousal and excitement to most men, hence, read lipstick and nails.  So, if you are selling lingerie to males or even women for that matter, red could be a good place to start.  It also attract attention immediately.

Red lips as a physiological response due to dilated blood vessels from arousal in women is often sited as one of the many reasons why this happens.  While this works for most guys and gals that swing that way, there is also perhaps the sub-conscious competition for mates that it brings about in other women as well.

That and that somewhere back in our reptilian brain (now this is entirely me theorizing here) , it either means pain or pleasure in that there might be blood which means food or danger in that something caused the blood.  Either way, it shouts “Pay Attention”  Dude or Dudette, something is going on here.

So, are there colors that actually can help sell your shit?  Absolutely there are and they change over the years and sometimes they even change over a period of months.


Colors affect us almost immediately too on a subconscious level.  For instance when you ask some what they think of when they see green, they often say that Money automatically come to mind.  But now the Feds are adding purple and other colors… come on guys… no funny money please…  Green is good.


Right now, I have heard that Orange buttons on order pages seem to work the best for some reason.  I guess they are ok if they do indeed work.


And for those people that make over $100,000 per year, their favorite colors are Forest Green, Light Gray, and IBM Blue.

So your color scheme you use on your website and your products do matter.

I think that if you are trying to sell something to men, that you more than likely want to stay away from pink for instance.  But pink has also been shown to reduce violence in prisons.

And I am sure you have your own version of hideous colors and those that you like as well. but you have to remember that while may like them, your customers may not.


But at the end of the day, you do need to have a good color scheme and while you won’t be able to please everyone, there will be one that will sell more of your shit to your customers than others.  The trick is in actually figuring out which one that is….


A good design and the right colors really can help you sell your shit.  And while you may have not put that  much thought into it, colors really do matter.

Sales_Button Profit Consultant

For everyone else, I will give you some more scientific information on this subject soon.  There are colors you should be using for certain clientele.


Andrew Anderson

Profit Consultant

PS My favorite color it Green.