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PayPal And Your Business – A Warning

PayPal Can Make Or Break Your Business

Now, I am not one to step in an bash companies for making mistakes as we all make them from time to time and for the most part, I really like PayPal. But…

I have recently been involved with a company that has had their PayPal account restricted without  warning.  When I mean restricted, PayPal is allowing money to go into the account, but won’t let them access it or pay bills out of it or have access to any of the money in the account and we are not talking about a few hundred dollars here but thousands.

Pretty jacked up I know. Now I had heard of things happening like this before, but never had been an eye witness to it.  Now these guys don’t sell anything on Ebay or offer digital downloads or anything and they have been paying $60 per month for Payments Pro and Virtual Terminal for over a year.

The thing that bothers me the most is that they have not been able to get a straight answer out of PayPal for days as to why the account was restricted or what is exactly needed to get it unfrozen.  And they have not been able to talk to an actual person that can tell them specifically what they need to unfreeze the account.  It seems that they had never manually processed a credit card up until now and that apparently triggered it.

What You Should Do

My advice is to use www. to process your credit cards an only use PayPal to take in subscription payments or set up payment buttons if that is the case.  You need to have more than one alternative for bringing in money.  Now this may seem like a pain in the ass, but trust me, it is far better than what I am seeing happening with this company.

Since they do a sizable portion of their business through PayPal, to say that it has hurt their business dramatically is an understatement.

If this can happen to them, trust me, it can happen to you and you need to have a back up plan for funding.  Make sure you look around at and others.

While I have not had problems with my account, this does give me no small concern about what could happen.

To be fair, I will try and contact PayPal and see if I can get the full story.

I will also being doing some research on PayPal alternatives for you too and post them.  Now PayPal may indeed have a legitimate reason to request information from these guys and be that as it may, it is the worst case of customer service I have seen out of a company communications wise in some time.  They have spoken to at least 12 different people and spent hours on the phone trying to get to the bottom of things over the past week to no avail and all they keep getting is a form letter asking for the same info they have supplied several times.  They also got different information from different people about what they should and should not provide informaiton wise.  Like I said, jacked up.

Will keep you posted on this so that you can perhaps avoid this huge pot hole and keep your fingers crossed for them.


Andrew “Easy” Anderson




99.5 Percent Of Social Media Experts Are Clowns

Internet Experts Usually Aren’t!

This extends to all Internet “Xperts” as I like to call them. Same for offline ones too! And I am not just talking about the newbies here. Everyone is a clown when you first start out, even me. Yes, I blew up clients and myself several times. But you dust yourself off, repair the damage and learn and improve.

But the vast majority of the people in Social Media right now do not know their rear end’s from first base. And I am talking the Big Boy PR firms and the like.

Got to love Gary Vaynerchuk and I could not agree with him more.

And this is a continuation…

And finally this response to some of the feedback from the first video.

Profit Consultant - Andrew Anderson

What Is Wrong With Adobe,UPS, And DHL? What Not To Do On Your Website

As promised, this is the first in a series of videos on how to run a profitable online Business. These days, if you are not online you probably won’t remain in business very long, so this will include just about everybody.

This is Part 1 and I go over what Adobe, UPS, and DHL are doing wrong on their sites so that you don’t make these same major blunders. This is best viewed in Full Screen Mode.

And that is just for starters… Continue reading What Is Wrong With Adobe,UPS, And DHL? What Not To Do On Your Website

5 Rules To Make Sure Your Site SUCKS

Website_25 Rules To Make Sure Your Site SUCKS And Makes Little Or No Money!

OK, I have said this before, but if you are going to put up a crappy Website that sucks, at least do it right. Please follow these 5 rules.

1.) Go ahead and have a mostly black or dark Website with white text if you really don’t want to sell anything.  Most people don’t know this, so don’t feel too bad.

2.) Put some lame ass logo that size of Texas right at the top that does nothing other than tell anyone visiting you care more about you then helping them. Make sure it is not the least bit intriguing or better yet, dollar signs or fast cars right at the top. Or better yet, a big old picture of you holding dollar bills.

Continue reading 5 Rules To Make Sure Your Site SUCKS

Apple And The iPhone And Piling On – A Trend Of The Times?

Bashing Success And Apologizing For Exceptionalism

You must have heard by now that Apple has a few issues with the iPhone unless you were living in a cave.  Well, by all accounts if you get your news from the LameStream media, you would think that every iPhone is terrible and that the Government should step in to help the poor hapless consumer.

Well, guess what.   I know of at least four people that have the new phone and try as they might, they can’t reproduce the issue.  And they have asked friends who have it and no joy on being able to create the issues with the phone going out when you touch a certain part of it.

What does this mean? Well, I think it is a commentary on the predatory nature of media towards tearing anyone down that is successful or for the gall of being Exceptional and that bad news sells.  I like to call them soul suckers … LOL .  They want to portray anyone that is successful as bad, be it an individual or a business and especially businesses. Continue reading Apple And The iPhone And Piling On – A Trend Of The Times?

Pop Ups – Do They Bug You Too? Post Them Here!

Do Pop Ups Annoy You Too?

OK, Pop Ups annoy me.  I know that they can used to make you money but I am not convinced they do any more. Because as I have noted, when I go to a site, usually as sales site, I try and leave the page. If they have one, I don’t bother ready the rest of it accept on very rare occasions.

I put them on my you just wasted a couple seconds of my life list and I don’t want to have anything to do with whatever you are selling list.

Pop Ups are kind of like the Disco Balls, they were really cool for a little while, but if you put them everywhere they are a bit annoying and it is like having one in your office to show how “cool” you are. Continue reading Pop Ups – Do They Bug You Too? Post Them Here!

Dim Dim Is Dumb Dumb

DimDimI normally don’t like to knock other people’s products but I just used, or I should say I tried to use Dim Dim to do a Webinar and it was Dumb, Dumb. Not only that but it auto-loaded itself at start up and it took me four tries to uninstall it.

The only reason I am putting this out there is I have seen a ton of ads in my email for a free 30 day trial for lately for it. While I am truly not happy with the pricing for the other products out there, as all of them have raised their prices without any improvement in service, Dim Dim is not ready for prime time yet. Continue reading Dim Dim Is Dumb Dumb

John Stossel And Ayn Rand

As a dyed in the wool Capitalist and a fan of Ayn Rand, I thought I would put these videos of John Stossel’s New Show up for you. Interesting viewing for sure.

In it he discusses Atlas Shrugged, the book by Ayn Rand with a number of people and he talks about the similarities that are going on today.

I am including all 6 videos.

If you want to read the book, I suggest that you don’t watch the videos until afterward.

Would love to know what you think if you have read the book. Enjoy!

Andrew Anderson

Continue reading John Stossel And Ayn Rand

Domino’s New Pizza Marketing Campaign Is Doomed To Failure And Here Is Why

Odds Are Domino’s New Marketing Campaign Is Doomed To Fail And How You Can Learn A Lesson From It.


In case you have not heard, Domino’s Pizza has a new marketing campaign going on and it is doing a wholesale change across the board on its recipe for its pizzas beginning December 27th, 2009. They are changing everything about their pizzas. The sauce, cheese mix and crust. It will now be “new and improved”.
The Short Version…

A little bit longer version

Regardless of how great it is, the odds of them seeing their sales go down are about 98% to 99% and going up only 1% to 2%. This is actually predictable if you have the knowledge of behavior modeling of your purchasing base or just a fancy way of saying, knowing your customers.  But, there is a special area of study that most marketers do not know about. Continue reading Domino’s New Pizza Marketing Campaign Is Doomed To Failure And Here Is Why

Global Warming Hoax And Stupidity… And Lessons Learned And Coke Once Again… Arghh..

Global Warming Stupidity May Finally Be Over


If you are planning on starting a business in any Eco friendly niche that depends on Global Warming, you had better think of something else.  Man made Global Warming or Anthropological Global Warming has finally been put of my misery ( I am sick of silly people telling me “but it is real ” when they never have looked at the real data and this info proves that data was made up… LOL).  The Hadley CRU observations which much of the so called data came from, has been exposed to have been made up and worse. Continue reading Global Warming Hoax And Stupidity… And Lessons Learned And Coke Once Again… Arghh..