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WordPress Installed For Free

Get WordPress Installed For FREE.

It is easy and here is how.  When you sign up for hosting at only $6.95 a month through the hosting service this site is on by Going Here, 21to21 will install WordPress for you for FREE.  No hidden charges, no fuss, no muss.  :). We will install WordPress for you for FREE.

Depending on how busy we are, we will get WordPress installed usually in just a few hours.  Plus, we will put in our SEO (search engine optimization) tweaks so that you can get better listings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Bluehost is flat out the best hosting service I have used and I have gone through a ton of them.  Customer service is great and it is based in the US of A which means you can actually understand them and they know what they are doing. Plus, you get a free domain with the account as for as long as you stay with them.  Pretty cool.

So, if you want us to get you rolling and install WordPress for you for FREE with my secret SEO tweaks, just go here or click on one of the ads on the site here.  Then go here or use the contact page and lets us know that you got your hosting set up and give us your contact info and we will get WordPress installed for you in no time flat.

The great thing about Bluehost is that you have have a dozen or more sites hosted with them for the same low price of just $6.95.  This means if you want to have 10 or even 20 Blogs or Websites you cost for hosting just went do to about 69 cents or 35 cents a month if you have 20 of them.


Install WordPress Using Bluehost In 5 Minutes

WordPressicon_bigWordPress,  How To Install It In Less Than 5 Minutes

The first thing to do is to get WordPress installed. It is the only software that I suggest you use at this time to build a profitable Web business or to make the one your already have more profitable.

This is the second in a series of videos on how to get your own profitable Website up and running. The series is called WordPress Profits.

I will go in to why in future posts. But you can use it for your Blog or for building your whole Website, including sales pages, squeeze pages, shopping cart, and more!  I am going to show you why no matter if you are big or small, WordPress is the only system you need.  Find out why the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Nikon, National Geographic and millions of others have switched to WordPress from expensive Web Platforms.  In case you did not know it, WordPress is FREE!  There are now over 300 million Websites  using WordPress.

It is open source software which means the source code is available to anyone.  As I write this I would bet there are at least 10,000 people working on improving it and making it better right now.

What this means is that bugs get found quickly and it is constantly being improved upon and it happens much fast than if it were private code.

But the first thing you need to do it to get your own hosting.  I recommend Bluehost. Continue reading Install WordPress Using Bluehost In 5 Minutes