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12 Website Rules To Make You More Money

money-in-hand12 Website Rules To Make You More Money

OK, you can start laughing now if you like, but I want to talk about some site design basics.  If you look at this site, I am currently breaking about 5 out of the 10 Website rules and I just want to let you know that I am aware of that and I am in the process of changing them this week.  Actually this site will go from kind of what not to do, to what to do. I mean seriously, this is site is at least a 50% poster child for what not to do on a site and the other 50% is what to do on a site.  And ultimately that is OK, because it happens with many people that are busy running their business. Perhaps this even happened with you.

The short reason why is that in spite of this site, I have been so busy I have not had time to come back and fix it.  Just goes to show you that Rule number ONE trumps all of the other rules though.

Well, I am going to list the Rules here and then will go over each in a separate post.   Some of these you may find a bit counterintuitive and as I said, I have not followed all of them on this sight but will do so over the next few weeks or so and show you the how and why while doing it.

Well let”s get started here.

The Top 12 Website Rules To Make More Money

  1. Get your site up and make it public.  Well, while this might seem like a no brainer but, even and ugly website that people can find is better than no website at all.   Seriously with over 60% of businesses in the US not having any Web presence whatsoever, this is kind of funny but on the other hand not.
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