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In the prior post, I briefly discussed the interesting twist to the structurist/free spirit dichotomy of the Organization People Pattern™ when it comes to time management. The concept of time management (and time management seminars) was created by structurists who don’t need it and was developed for free spirits who don’t want it. There is another aspect to this pattern to consider as well, now that you understand the distinction between the two types.

It is that the Organization People Pattern™ and all People Patterns™, for that matter, are highly contextual. Over the years, we have met all types of different people in a variety of situations and contexts in work and at home. Most individuals are either decidedly, proud structurists or else are at the other end of the spectrum as blatant, in your face free spirits. There are some cases, however where individuals exhibit one proclivity in one context of their lives, and the opposite pattern in another context of their lives.

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