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Entrepreneurial Leverage – The X Factor That Allows The Individual To Beat Big Companies Every Time

Entrepreneurial Leverage – The X Factor That Allows The Individual To Beat Big Companies Every Time


Here is how and why the man or woman in their Garage, Basement, or Bedroom that is hoping to start a business and beat the big companies out there that have hundreds of employees and millions of dollars at their disposal can do it.

I have written about this before over the years but I think that I have honed it down so that everyone with two neurons firing (that could be me on a good day) can understand it. Here is the secret to how you as an Entrepreneur can beat the big guys.

First I want to layout some ground work that I have done before but, I want to put this all inside one nut shell.

The thing that we have to start off with is Moore’s Law which is Gordon Moore of Hewlett Packard fame that says basically this….

The capability and speed of computer chips will double every 18 months and the price will be cut in half.

This has remained true since 1965 if you can believe it or not. Continue reading Entrepreneurial Leverage – The X Factor That Allows The Individual To Beat Big Companies Every Time

Raphael the Angel Of Capitalists, Ayn Rand And The Root Of All Evil And The Story Of Capitalism And Why The Economy Got To Be In This Mess

Rapheal, The Angel Of Capitalists

I am updating this post from last February. I think it is even more relevant now than then.

Did you know we Capitalists had our own Capitalist Angel?  Kind of neat don’t you think?

Every since I was a little Kid, I knew that I was going to be a millionaire when I grew up. I always liked money from the standpoint that I had figured out that if you have it, you could get to do the things that you enjoyed.  For me, this was to buy Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines and to buy items for my experiments that I constantly had going on.

My Mom indulged me in this and my bedroom was a constant disaster in that I usually was trying to grow some type of new yeast under the bed or tearing apart motors, or other mechanical devices on dresser and in the dresser. or on the floor.  It was really an enter at your own risk environment. Continue reading Raphael the Angel Of Capitalists, Ayn Rand And The Root Of All Evil And The Story Of Capitalism And Why The Economy Got To Be In This Mess

You Know You Are An Entrepreneur When…..

When you sign on to you blog after a couple of days of busting your butt and it is 12:01 AM.  LOL   Man, am I digging this stuff.

I pity the poor blokes and blokettes that have never experienced the up and downs of being and Entrepreneur.   Which I might ad is pretty unique thing….

For those regular readers, you know that I have interview Marilyne Woodsmall who is the Author of  of  the book Personality Language.

Well, in another part of a new interview that I did with here, I managed to pull out a tidbit or 7 on Entrepreneurs and what makes them tick.

It turns out that we are pretty rare duck indeed.  It also turns out that we also have some of the same Personality Language traits too that are not all that common.

As soon as I slow down enough to do some editing, I will share them with you.  And I know that I have said this before, but I predict their new way of looking at people and clients will be the cornerstone of the most profitable businesses on the Web over the next 5 years or so.

It is that spot on and new…..

Just got done putting our new product into Beta lockdown for the moment….cool stuff indeed……

More soon I promise.

The Best Investment Vehicle (emissions free)

This post is from a new course called  “Investing In Small Businesses -The Best Investment Ever Invented” and I wanted to share parts and pieces of it with you.

The reason why I am sharing it with you is that this includes putting money into your own company as well.  As a Profit Consultant, I can’t think of anything better to put your money into than your own business!

It seems obvious but I speak with business owners that are complaining about their investment portfolios going down while their own business is going well.  HELLO, how about saying to heck with your stock broker and put that money into expanding your own business?

I have decided upon some requests for more specifics that over the course of the coming weeks that I am going to give you a primer for investing in small private companies and learn how to blow away our minimum 21% return (which is our benchmark with clients for another business that I work with that I may tell you about later) .

But perhaps more importantly, I am going to show you how not so lose any more money and to keep what you have!

In that in the next several years I think that we are going to be entering a fairly deep deflationary period and recession and we will see yields on bonds and such hover around 2% and the stock market is going to be a pretty scary place to be, I thought that I would show you how to invest in my all time favorite investment and that is basically smart, ambitious, hard working entrepreneurs. Continue reading The Best Investment Vehicle (emissions free)

How 21to21.com Guarantees Profits

Well for some time now I have wrestled with having a public version of the blog and I have come to the conclusion that if I can save just one person from the grief of the metaphoric skinned knee, then so be it.  So I will be making most of my customers only blog available to the public.  I will post a couple of the posts every few days as time permits.

Plus, I can do my part to perhaps shift the way business is done by just a little bit by the right people and then we can shift the level at which it is conducted worldwide.

If you have not run into 21to21.com before, we are “Profit Consultants” that Guarantee our clients a certain amount of profit from our assistance or we do not get paid. Wouldn’t it be great if every company did that?

Well the truth of the matter is that will never happen, which is why we have a waiting list for customers.

Many Companies Should Get Rid Of 80% Of Their Clients

One of the other differences is that we advocate that many companies should get rid of 80% of their customers. This is not a typo, many companies would benefit from getting rid of 80% of their customers and concentrating on the 20% that bring in 80% of their business.

By doing so you can usually raise net profit by 21% and lower expenses drastically. While on one hand is may seem counter intuitive, on the other hand if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  While most companies will never do it, that is OK .  It makes our job that much easier.

While many of our clients wish to remain private about our services, some do not and in the near future we will be discussing some of the things that we are doing with them and why we decided to work with them.

The simple answer is actually very simple surprisingly enough.

  • First off they have integrity and when I say integrity, that means they will follow through with a handshake better than most people do with signed contracts. Their word means something to them
  • They are smart and innovative and care about their products and services, as well as their clients
  • They are in a unique niche market that is being under served
  • They love what they do and know how to have fun while doing it

So there you have our client criteria and perhaps you can make use of it as well.  It is good to get rid of some clients and occasionally it is good when they get rid of you too.

I look forward to sharing some of our concepts and procedures that allow our customers to thrive even in this economy and I hope that they can help you do the same.  Our goal is for you to see and experience Profit Consulting at its best.

Andrew Anderson