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SEO Tips And Tricks… Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

goldeggSEO Tips And Tricks…  Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

I have been playing with SEO since it first came into being and had I known how big a deal it would become, I would be worth a lot more zeros.  Since about 2004, I have had several search terms on the front page of Google and Yahoo non-stop.   I just blithely used my skill set to promote whatever project I was working on and never thought to make a business out of those skills. Continue reading SEO Tips And Tricks… Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

Are You Using The Right Key Words?

Just got done meeting with a client about the keywords that they were using and they wanted me to change what I had used in their main intro because it did not contain their industry jargon.  They had fallen in love with a few words and description and were using it everywhere but…… having not ever been in that niche before I used what I thought was a common sense description and guess what?  When we looked today, they were number one on Google for my search terms which happened to be search for 800% more than the term they had been using in their advertising.

So, if you have not used Google Ad Word Tools, go do it now and see if you are barking up the right tree or not. Don’t fall in love with your own jargon and never think you know what the customer is thinking without looking to see what they are actually searching for…

Go here and type in your words or phrases that you are using and find out what is going to work.    https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal



Google And Yahoo Secret Weapon

In this post I am going to share with you one of my  SEO secrets that will knock your socks off.   This is a big one out of Anderson’s Secret Arsenal.  There are actually two components to this that help you move up on  Google’s rankings.  This is totally White Hat as it were and I have learned that you can never fake out Google or Yahoo.  Even if you do, they will find out and you will be hosed so bad that you will wish that you never messed with them.

What this technique that I came up with  does is to simply make Google’s and Yahoo’s  job easier for them. There job in case you did not know it is to make sure their searches provide the highest quality content for your searches.

So now are you ready for the big revelation?  Here it is… write great relevant content and do it well and do it often.  How is that for a big revelation?   If you do not have good relevant content, forget it.

This includes using good tags, and using the words you want to be listed under in a common sense way.  You should also make use of video and post them on YouTube,  Veoh, Viddler, and other places.

It really can be that simple…..